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Итоговый тест за 8 класс по УМК New Millennium English 8


The Infinitive, in order (not) to, so as (not) to;

Question tags;

modal verbs: have to, must, can, could, may, might;

Reported speech;

Conditional 2;

Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect, Future in the Past.

 Grammar test

1.My friend never listens to pop music,_________he?

a) is      b) isn’t       c) does      d) doesn’t

2. – You look tired

- My car broke down. I _____ for an hour.

a) have been walking     b) have walked     c) am walking     d) walked

3. When I _______, my mum ________ the detective story.

a) was coming/wrote     b) came/was writing     c) came/wrote     d)come/write

4. I ______ the guitar for 5 years.

a) played     b)have been playing     c)play     d) has played

5. I ____ the competitions twice.

a) win     b) won     c) have won     d) am wining

6. He ______ the e-mail before he _____ his homework.

a) had written/did     b) wrote/had done     c) wrote/did     d)write/do

7. They ______ in the houseboat 3 years ago.

a) have lived     b) live     c) lived     d) are living

8. Look! They _____ football now.

a) are playing      b) played     c) have played     d) play

9. I went to the library ___ borrow some books.

a) in     b) on     c)to     d) how

10. We haven’t met his friend before, ______ we?

a)have     b)do     c) did      d) does

11. I went to a new supermarket ______everything I need for the party.

a) in order not to     b) so as      c) in order to buy     d) so as

12. If I ____ a lot of money I ______ travel a lot.

a) have/will     b) had/would     c) had/ will     d) have/would

13. “ I came back yesterday”, she said

She said (that) she ______ back the day before.

a) came        b) had come        c) have come             d) was coming

14. If I were you, I _________ a house in the country

a) bought           b) would buy              c) will buy             d) would bought

15. “What are they doing?” he asked.

He asked    a) what they were doing     b) what were they doing

                c) what they are doing       d) what are they doing

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