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I (школьный) этап Всероссийской олимпиады

по английскому языку

8 класс

I. Reading

1) Look at the statements below about entertainment for children in London. Read the text to decide if each statement is true or false. Put “T” or “F” on your answers.

The Barbican Center programme changes from day to day.

Children can be left at the Barbican Centre for the day.

At the South bank Centre there is dance from different parts of the world.

The children’s Zoo sells soft toy animals.

The Museum of the Moving Image is most suitable for older children.

It coasts £ 3.95 to join the Jumping Jelly Bean Club.

Visiting London with children? Here’s a guide to some attractions for younger tourists. The Barbican Centre has its annual children’s festival. Summer in the City, on 1-5 August. Each day’s timetable is handed out as you enter. It may include magic shows, face painting, hat making and music. One ticket (£ 4.50 for children, £1 for adults, and no children or adults allowed on their own) buys a full day’s activity so you can have a go at everything. At the South Bank Centre young dancers can join in Sleeping Beauty workshops with the English National Ballet on 3 August. On 4 August Peter Badejo encourages all comers to join in African dance and there’s outdoor dance, theatre and music for all the family on the terraces around the Centre at weekends. For example, on 21August the Teatro Buendia from Cuba will present a show for children of all ages called An Elephant Takes Too Much Room. At London Zoo there is a special exhibition about animals which have disappeared as well as animals in danger of disappearing. There are lifesize moving models of dinosaurs, but you can also see living examples of endangered species such as tigers and bird-eating spiders. While you may not want to get too near these, there are plenty of friendly animals in the new Children Zoo which will be happy to let you get close to them. The Museum of the Moving Image is about the cinema. Its guides are actors dressed as cowboys and films stars. You can learn about film-making in special classes and there is a special exhibition at eye-level for very young children under one metre tall. If adults are ready for a rest why not book Sunday lunch at the Russel Hotel? The Jumping Jelly Bean Club offers an exercise class (with qualified instructors) for children while you have a drink. Sit down to lunch together (£14.25 for adults, £3.95 for the children’s menu), then while you have your coffee, the Jumping Jelly Beaners watch children’s films. The Club is held every Sunday lunchtime and it’s free to children with families eating in the hotel.

  1. Read the text and choose the correct phrase for each gap. Be careful! There is one extra phrase.

School news

This week we (a) a lot of things at school. Students in Class1 (b) over 3000 aluminum cans. We (c) these to the town recycling center. Students in Class 2E (d) the playground. They (e) a lot of things – so if you (f) something, ask Class 2E!

Students in Class 3D (g) large rubbish bins in the playground. Please put your rubbish there, in future!

Class 3G (h) “Save it” posters for each classroom. Class 5 (i) a lot of old books, clothes and toys. They are going to have a sale on 17th March. Please come! We (j) another meeting on 20th March. Please come with more ideas.

1 have brought 2 have collected 3 have taken

4 have designed 5 have found 6 have lost

7 have put 8 have cleaned 9 have done

10 have planned 11. have planted

Use of English

Choose the correct answer.

Computers ___ more and more efficient.

A are becoming B become C is becoming

The police ___ questioning the suspect at the moment.

A was B is C are

I ___ Italian for three years now.

A have been learning B am learning C have been learning

Jason ___ Amanda since he was five years old.

A has known B knows C have known

I’m ill, ___?

A am I B aren’t I C am not I

‘What are your plans for the summer?’ ‘I ___ with my cousins in the country.’

A will be staying B will stay C am going to stay

Mother didn’t let the children ___ TV.

A watch B to watch C watching

‘I’ll call you as soon as he ___.

A will come B came C comes

‘How do I get to the ice-rink from here?’ ‘Get ___ a number 7 bus. It will take you there.’

A on B from C in

You ___ walk on the grass in the park.

A needn’t B must C mustn’t

Children ___ by special instructors how to swim.

A have taught B teach C are taught

‘Can I go to the park?’ ‘You can’t go ___ you have done your homework.’

A while B until C after

‘I depend ___ public transport to get to work.’ ‘You ought to save up and buy a car.’

A on B to C in

14. John is recovering from his injuries. I went to ___ hospital to visit him yesterday/

A a B - C the

15. ‘Did you enjoy your stay in the hotel?’ ‘Yes. They were ___ friendly people that we felt very welcome.’

A such a B so C such

16. ___ beef is a kind of ___ meat.

A The, - B - , - C A, the

17. ‘What are you doing tonight?’

‘I don’t know. I can’t make ___ my mind!”

A up B out C in

18. She ___ him that she would be late.

A tells B said C told

19. They ___ to hit us if we didn’t give them the money.

A offered B threatened C suggested

20. He asked her ___ she had any experience in banking.

A why B that C if

Test your idioms. Choose the correct answer.

If you get butterflies in your stomach before an exam, how do you feel?




If you’re over the moon, how do you feel?

Tom is as cool as a cucumber.’ What does it mean?

  1. sleepy



    he is very calm

    he is fashionably dressed

    he is stupid

4‘John is a down-to-earth person.’ What is he like?’

  1. he is very short

    he is rude

    he is practical

5If you’ve got a sweet tooth, what kind of things do you like to eat?

  1. cakes and chocolates

    fish and chips

    cucumbers and tomatoes

6.If your computer is out of date, what does it mean?

  1. it is old

    it is broken

    there is something wrong with its clock

7.When someone hits the roof, how does this person feel?

  1. happy


    a bit annoyed

8.If your heart is in the mouth, how do you feel?

  1. afraid

    in love


9.I’ve got green fingers. What am I good at?

  1. cooking



10.When you learn something out of the blue, is it a surprise?

  1. yes




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