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I (школьный) этап Всероссийской олимпиады

по английскому языку

5 класс


A computer game: The Lost Statue

In this game you are in a small country called Neverland. It is a deserted place. The weather there is terrible. It rains a lot and there are strong winds. The only people there are two young brothers. They live alone in their small house on the beach. In the game, you are one of the boys – Josh or Frank. Josh loves the beach very much and he is good at windsurfing. Frank is interested in doing quizzes and playing guessing games.

One day, they meet a strange man. He collects old things. He needs to find a small statue from the Stone Age and he asks the boys for help.

You decide to help the man. First, you talk to the man and learn about the lost statue. Then, with your brother, organise a trip around Neverland to look for it. On the way you play games, answer questions, do quizzes, visit different places and talk to different people. Collect objects and souvenirs – they are very useful and help you find the lost statue and win the game.

The Lost Statue is a great game! Discover the secrets of Neverland and learn about the old times. Play it now and have fun!

1. Прочитайте текст. Выберите правильный вариант.

1 Neverland is

a a big island. b a deserted country. c an old city.

2 The weather in Neverland is

a warm and sunny. b cold and cloudy. c rainy and windy.

3 Frank and Josh live in

a a castle. b a house on the beach. c a motel.

4 In the game you are

a a boy. b the strange man. c the lost statue.

5 The strange man

a collects old objects. b organises trips around Neverland. c teaches history.

2. Прочитайте текст снова. Расставьте утверждения T (True) и F (False) в соответствии с содержанием.

1 _____ The two brothers live in a big house in the forest.

2 _____ Josh is good at quizzes.

3 _____ Frank’s hobby is playing guessing games.

4 _____ The man wants to find an ancient stone.

5 _____ Collecting different objects in the game helps the player to finish it.

Лексико-грамматический тест

1. Выбери правильный вариант.

1 Her ice skates are __________ than mine.

A much expensive B more expensive C many expensive D a lot expensive

2 The weather’s beautiful today. __________ sunny and warm.

A There is B It has C It’s D Its

3 What’s the time? – It’s half __________ ten.

A Before B to C after D past

4 You can have either coffee __________ tea.

A or B neither C nor D both

5 Did she come here __________ car?

A with your B on her C by her D by

6 She can’t __________ without her glasses.

A hear B see C watch D look

7 Schools are much __________ than they were in the past.

A noise B noisy C noisier D noisiest

8 __________ those your new trainers?

A Is B Am C Be D Are

9 (telephone) Hello. __________ I speak to Stephen Fry, please?

A Can B Have C Must D Am

10 Is Lagos usually warm __________ summer?

A at B to C on D in

11 She bought some fruit __________ her lunch.

A from B for C to D in

12 Michael has lost __________ MP3 player.

A he B its C his D their

13 Keith __________ his sister. She’s taking her driving test.

A have just phone B has just phoned C did just phoned D is just phone

14 __________ never seen a tsunami.

A I’ve B I’m C I haven’t D I was

15 Mrs Thomas isn’t going __________ the Conservative party.

A join B to join C joining D joined

16 __________ you going to be at the club this evening?

A Was B Did C Have D Are

17 __________ you ever visited an African country?

A Was B Did C Have D Are

18 Don’t buy that book. It’s not very good. You __________ enjoy it.

A will B can C won’t D must

19 New York is __________ biggest city in North America.

A a B an C the D than

20 My Mum says my sister’s room is __________ than mine.

A tidy B tidier C tidiest D tidily

2. Прочитай, выбери и дополни.

in in on at at at always usually never before

Dear Agatha,

It’s Sunday and I’m very happy. I can play all day! I get up late (1) … Sunday’s mornings.

I have breakfast and than I (2) … play with Tom in the garden. I have lunch with my parents (3) … one o’clock.

(4) … the afternoon I do my homework for Monday. I usually go out with Sam and Stan (5) … the evening, But today I’m going to the cinema with my sister. The film starts (6) … 8.30. My sister wants to see an adventure film but I don’t. I (7) … watch adventure films, but that’s not a problem! We can watch a comedy! I love comedies! I want to read a book (8) … I go to bed. I think, I will sleep (9) … midnight. I love Sundays. I (10) … have a great time! Buy for now, Kate.


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