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I (школьный) этап Всероссийской олимпиады

по английскому языку

6 класс


Write the missing words in the correct place on the postcard:

Back / card / city / last / million / staying / together / way

Dear Dave,

Well, this is my first time in New Zealand, but I sure hope it won’t be the (1).

Laura and I are (2) at Waitemata Harbour, which is relatively busy – though Auckland only has just over one (3) people. But the beach is one way and the farms are the other (4) and both are glorious and there’s nobody there! And as the picture on this (5) shows, for someone who likes sailing, like you do, this (6) is a paradise. They call it the city of sails.

Maybe one day you and I will visit Auckland (7) and you can take me sailing. I’d like that…Speak to you when I get (8).

Love, Helen.

True or false?

9. Helen has been to New Zealand before.

10. Helen is visiting New Zealand alone.

11. Helen has visited the beach and the farms.

There are more people where Helen is staying than on the beach or at the farms.

Helen tells Dave she has been sailing.

Dave likes sailing.

Helen wants to go back to Auckland one day with Dave.


Choose the correct answer:

She is … university teacher.

A) a B) an C) one

2. I like … small animals.

A) the B) – (nothing) C) a

3. Is this coat…?

A) yours B) your C) the yours

4. Is Diana…?

A) a your friend B) the your friend C) your friend

5. Who are … people over there?

A) that B) the C) a

6. …. is your telephone number?

A) Which B) What C) How

7. Could I have … drink?

A) other B) – (nothing) C) another

8. This is …winter for 20 years.

A) the more bad B) worse C) the worst

9. She is taller…me.

A) than B) as C) that

10. Her eyes …a very light blue.

A) are B) have C) has

11. … help me?

A) Can you to B) Do you can C) Can you

12. You …worry about it.

A) not must B) don’t must C) must not

13. It …again. It … all the time here in the winter

A) rains, rains B) is raining, is raining C) is raining , rains

14. I...she … you.

A) think, likes B) am thinking, likes C) think, is liking

15. Who … the window?

A) opened B) did open C) did opened

16. Why … ?

A) those men are laughing B) are laughing those men C) are those men laughing

17. What …?

A) does she want B) does she wants C) she want

18. I didn’t …he was at home.

A) thinking B) thought C) think

19. …a hole in my sock.

A) There is B) Is C) There are

20. We are going …the opera tomorrow night.

A) at B) with C) to

Unjumble the letters, write the words:

1. lewoly 2. rifghetden 3. moanw 4. uccussefsl 5. dingmok


raise a) a visit

go b) the smoke

wear c) dark

organize d) money

feel e) swimming

grow f) jeans

need g) a birthday party

smell h) terrified

become i) grapes

arrange j) bamboo

True or false?

London Zoo is in Regent’s Park.

There are three parts in the UK.

The capital of Scotland is Cardiff.

Madame Tussaud’s is in Baker Street in London.

UNICEF is United Nations Children’s Fund.

Put the words in the correct order to make a proverb.

Home / is / place / no / like / there


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