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I. Choose the right form of the verbs

1. If the weather were sunny, they … to the beach.

a) go

b) would go

c) gone

d) had gone

2. If Henry had enough money, he … to Australia long ago.

a) went

b) would have gone

c) have gone

d) would go

3. If I … English better, I could understand their conversation.

a) had known

b) will know

c) know

d) knew

4. We … win the competition, If we keep playing this well.

a) will

b) are

c) are winning

d) could have

 5. If you prepare yourself better for your exam, you … a good mark.

a) will get

b) would get

c) would have got

d) would have been got

6. If I … noticed Mike, I would invite him to my birthday party.

a) -

b) had

c) have

d) would have

7. If they … in time, they would have heard the beginning of the story.

a) come

b) came

c) had come

d) would come

8. If I … you, I would tell the truth.

a) was

b) had been

c) were

d) will be

 9. If you live in Australia, January ... in the middle of summer.

a) is

b) was

c) will be

d) would be

10. If Helen … this medicine yesterday, she would feel better now.

a) take

b) took

c) taken

d) had taken

11. When we ... to the cafe, we ... fried chicken.

a) will go; will eat

b) will go; eat

c) go; would eat

d) go; eat

12. If the weather… fine, he will go to the country.

a) was

b) is

c) will

d) were

 13. If it hadn’t been raining yesterday, we … on a trip.

a) would have gone

b) have gone

c) would go

d) will have gone

14. If Jim played tonight, we … a better chance of winning.

a)would have

b) would


will have

 15. If the guests come, I … the house.

must clean

will clean

would have cleaned

would clean

16. If Susan … his phone number before, she would have called him.

a) have learned

b) had learned



17. If I … a taxi, I wouldn’t have been late.

a) had took

b) took

c) had taken

d) have taken


18. I … more shopping in this store if things weren't so expensive here.

a) would doing

b) did

c) would do

d) do

19. If I knew his e-mail, I … to him.

a) would write

b) wrote

c) will write

d) write


20. I need to get to the bank very quickly. I wish I ... a car!

a) would drive

b) could drive

c) had driven

d) drive

II. Form the right form of the verbs

1. Of course it would be better if you ________ (to join) us too.

2. I will never finish my work if you_________ (to interrupt) me.

3. If we leave right now, we________ (to catch) the first train.

4. If she finished her project, she_________ (to take part) in the scientific conference.

5. What _____ you____ (to do) if you won 1000 dollars?

6. If the summer had been hot, we __________ (to go) to the seaside.

7. If Jane_______ (to do) his housework, he’ll go for a walk.

8. Betsy would behave well if you_______ (to take) her to a party.

9. If he felt bad, he________ (to consult) the doctor.

10. If I __________ ( to be) you, I would never do so.

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