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Халиуллина Лилия Шамилевна1065
работаю в школе учителем английского языка. Стаж 23 года.
Россия, Башкирская респ., Туймазы

Итоговый тест по английскому языку за 8 класс по УМК К.Кауфман,М.Кауфман « Happy English.ru

1. How well do you know the political system of Great Britain? Read ,find the odd line and write it down.

1) the House of Commons, the Speaker, the MPs

2) the Speaker, the House of Lords, the Woolsack

3) the Lord Chancellor, the Woolsack, The House of Lords


2. How well do you know the vocabulary of the textbook? Find a general word for each line choosing from these words or word expressions:

a) means of communication b) broadsheets c) genres of books d) tabloids

1) a romance, a detective story, a fairy tale, a horror story

2) the telephone, the television, the telegraph, the satellite

3) celebrities, scandals, crime stories

4) business, politics, international events


3.How well do you know Passive Voice? Read and choose the correct answer. One answer is right in each line.

1) A strange noise ….. yesterday. a) is heard b) was heard c) was hear d) is hear

2) Computer games …. every day. a) is play b) are playing c) are played d) is played

3) The report …. tomorrow. a) is make b) was made c) will made d) will be made

4) A lot of foreigners …. to Russia by Peter the Great.

a) is invited b) was invited c) were invited d) are invited


4. Guess a riddle. You can ether borrow it or lend. What’s it?

a) a city b) a friend c) snow d) summer e) money f) a song


5. How well do you know word formation using a suffix - ment. Find the suitable verbs.

a) look b) examine c) decorate d) govern e) argue f) invent g) develop


6. How well do you know negative suffixes and prefixes. Find the odd word in each line.

1) unalive,unbelief,uncial,unconnected

2) disagree,diskette, displace, disuse

3) mistery, misdoing, misread,mislead

4) impolite, impossible, improvisator, immodest


7. What of these actions have you been doing lately? Choose the right sentences. Mind the grammar.

a) I have been hearing good news.

b) I have been doing my homework.

c) I have been learning poems by heart.

d) I have been wanting good weather.

e) I have been loving my pets.


8. Read this sentence and choose the correct answer.

I can cook tasty dishes myself and my father can make tea …..

a) herself b) yourself c) himself d) itself e) myself

9. I like fantasy very much. And you? Choose only one answer.

a) Neither do I. b) So am I. c) So does I. d) So do I.


10.You like reading. I know that. Say it in a different way. Choose only one answer.

a) It’s a waste of time.

b) It’s boring to me.

c) It’s my cup of tea.

d) It’s not worth doing.



2) the Speaker, the House of Lords, the Woolsack

1)- c genres of books

2)- a means of communication

3) –d tabloids

4) -b broadsheets

3. 1)-b




4. –e

5. d,e.g

6. 1) uncial

2) diskette

3) mistery

4) improvisator

7.b, c

8. c

9. d

10. c

Опубликовано в группе «УРОК.РФ: группа для участников конкурсов»

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