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Unit 2: Schools

1.       Watch and listen to the episode. Fill in the missing words.

1.     The others usually study three subjects for two more _____ , and then take ‘A’ levels … or Advanced level _________

2.     They usually leave ____ and go to a __________ in a different town or ____.

3.     On average there are about twenty-two students in a _________ school class and about twenty-seven are in a ________school class.

4.     British students have a ____ choice of ________.

5.     Many British school ________ only learn a _______ language from the age of eleven.

6.     Most students study ______.

7.     ________is very popular but so are other games like netball, _____ and _________.

8.       The students don’t live at home ______ term time … they ____ at the school.
And some of these schools have very traditional ________.

9.       After school some students do other __________ like _____.

10.    _____ boys are from Eton — a very ______ ___________ school near Windsor.

2. Watch and listen to the episode again. Fill in the numbers.

1.     Most children start primary school at the age of _____

2.     Then at ______ they go to secondary school.

3.     All children stay at secondary school to the age of _______.

4.     And at _______ in England they take GCSE examinations … that is the General Certificate of Secondary Education.

5.     After these exams about ______ percent of students leave school.

6.     About ______ percent of ________-year-olds go to university.

7.     Another ______ percent go on to other kinds of education and training.

8.     Hurry up, it's nearly ____ o’clock!

9.     There are classes in the afternoon, and school finishes at about ____ o’clock.

10. __________ percent of British schools are state schools.

11. ______ percent of schools are independent.

3. What subjects do British students love more?




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