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Unit 3: Food (Grammar Focus: Possessives)

Watch and listen to the episode. Fill in the missing words.

And this is the usual __________ - milk and cereal, toast with jam or marmalade, fruit juice, tea__________ or coffee.

Mr Robinson prefers this — the __________ English __________ - bacon, egg, sausage, tomato and fried bread.

At __________ people usually only have a break of an hour.

And __________ — the __________ meal — is usually at about six or seven o’clock.

Fresh food and __________ food.

Most people have their __________ meal in the __________.

But people don't just __________ at home, they also __________ __________.

London has __________ from over forty-two __________ countries.

I'm a __________ so I don’t eat any meat or __________.

British people eat three hundred million __________ of __________ and __________ a year.

Translate the adjectives. They were all in the episode, can you remember them? Make your own sentences with these adjectives.






Answer the questions.

What do British people usually have for breakfast?

What do British people prefer eating for lunch?

Do British people eat out very often?

Опубликовано в группе «В помощь учителю английского языка»

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