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Голикова Татьяна Валентиновна1133
Россия, Вологодская обл., Великий Устюг

                                                                                           Veliky Ustug



Dear Yura,

Hello. How are you? Thank you for your letter.

In your letter you asked me about Veliky Ustug.

My town is not very big. Its name is Veliky Ustug and I live at 7 Kooperativnaya Street.

My town is a very old place. It is situated not far from Vologda. It is famous for its churches. The main church is in the centre.

The streets are not very wide, but they are green. There are shops and a market in the place where I live. We have got a skating rink not far from my house.

There is the Residence of Father Frost not far from our town. Father Frost lives in the beautiful palace in the forest.

I know many cities are more important than Veliky Ustug but not for me. I can say “East or West, home is best”. I think my town is very beautiful and I’m proud of it.

You live in a big city, don’t you? Your house is in the centre of the city, isn’t it?

Write me soon.

Best wishes,


Автор материала: О. Долгина (5 класс)
Опубликовано в группе «Дистанционные олимпиады, игры и конкурсы по английскому языку (и не только)»

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