Итоговая контрольная работа, 5 класс

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II Всероссийский конкурс на лучшую методическую разработку «Тестовые задания по английскому языку»

Котова Оксана Геннадьевна , учитель английского языка

В.Новгрод , МАОУ «Гимназия»Гармония»

Итоговая контрольная работа. 5 класс.


Read the texts about British hobbies.

1. Match the titles to the texts. One title is extra.

1) We are very fond of having picnics. On Sundays our family goes to some nice place in the country. We like to sit in the open air and enjoy nature. It's a pleasure to have lunch in a forest or near the water. We can also play ball or swim if the weather is fine.

2) My best friend and I often go to the discos. We listen to music and dance there. It's fun! Rock is our favourite type of music. And we enjoy listening to jazz.

3) We have two dogs. Their names are Terry and Rex. We love them so much! Every day we take them for a walk in the park. They are so polite and nice when they meet other dogs there. I think they say "Hello!" to them in their dog language.

4) All my friends love sport. Our favourite sports are horse riding, football and swimming. Every school and college has its own football team. We often have sport competitions at our school. It's great when your team wins!

a We are fond of sports.

b British weekend

c How can we spend free time

d Pet lovers

e Most British are nice and polite.

2. Read the text about Ann’s working day.

a). Put the paragraphs in the correct order.

1). At one o'clock Ann usually has lunch. After lunch she helps mother about the house. Ann doesn't like to wash the dishes but she enjoys shopping. Sometimes she doesn't remember what her mother told her to buy but she never forgets to buy some milk for her cat.

2). Ann can play the piano very well. Her friends often come to see her in the evening. They enjoy listening to music and sometimes Ann plays or sings for them. They always praise (хвалят) her singing. Sometimes they go out for a walk if the weather is fine and enjoy fresh air and a good company.

3). Ann often goes to bed late and she hates getting up early. Her mornings are very busy. She can't always find her things. She looks for her schoolbag everywhere and at last finds it under the sofa. Sometimes she doesn't have time to eat her breakfast and she is often late for school. I wonder why she never gets bad marks!

b) Read the texts and mark the statements True (T), False (F), Not Stated (N.S)

1. She is never late for school.

2. She goes to bed early.

3. Sometimes she goes for а walk in the evening.

4. She can't find her things in the morning.

5. She likes to wash the dishes.


3. Complete the sentences using the right form of the verb.

Fred said he________________to school tomorrow. go

Betty said she____________her mother about the house help

every day. My brother said he_________already_____this book. read

The doctor said Mary ______________good lungs. not to have

The girl asked her mother where she____________tomorrow. go

Ann_________just________in London. arrive

The sun_________in the east and__________in the west. rise, to set

The weather ______fine, so we decided to have a picnic. be

He _____________________play tennis today. be going to

We_________________the carpet at 6 o’clock yesterday. clean

This picture_______________yesterday. draw

English______________all over the world. speak

Sweaters________usually_______of wool make

He_____________drink a lot of milk when he was a child. use

The boy looks___________ill. absolute

Travelling by plane is very_______________. comfort


You have got a postcard from your English pen friend who is on holiday. Write her a letter and answer her three questions. Write 50-60 words.

…I like my holidays. It’s hot and sunny now. The sea is warm. We often go swimming and scuba diving. Dad says I’m too small for windsurfing. So I swim and sunbathe. I look chocolate now. What are doing? Do you go swimming or fishing. What is the weather like?

I’d like to hear from you soon.

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