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Юрченко Екатерина Владимировна199
Работаю учителем английского языка в МБУ лицей №19 г.о.Тольятти. Стаж работы 9 лет. Имею первую квалификационную категорию.
Россия, Самарская обл., Тольятти

План-конспект нетрадиционного урока по английскому языку в 9 классе «Мир Уильяма Шекспира»

Образовательная технология: интегрированная



Образовательная: формирование речевых и интеллектуальных умений школьников.

Развивающая: развитие навыков говорения, аудирования.

Воспитательная: повышение мотивации к изучению иностранной литературы.


Создать положительно-эмоциональный настрой с помощью шедевра английской литературы.

Вовлечь учеников в творческую деятельность.

Развить языковые, познавательные и интеллектуальные способности учащихся.

Сформировать у учащихся уважение к культуре изучаемого языка.

 Речевой материал: отрывок из комедии У.Шекспира “The merchant of Venice” (стр.86-87 Spotlight 9)

Оснащение урока:

Аудиозапись с концовкой комедии “The merchant of Venice” (Spotlight 9 CD).

Слайды с фотографиями.

Компьютер и проектор.


Ход урока:

Teacher: Good morning pupils, I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please. Today we are going to talk about an outstanding person in English literature, to visit his hometown and watch a part of one of his famous plays at the theatre.

Please, look at this portrait. (Учитель обращает внимание учащихся на портрет У. Шекспира (слайд №1)). Have you guessed who we are going to talk about?

Pupils: We’re going to talk about William Shakespeare

Teacher: Right you are. What do you know about William Shakespeare and his life?

(Учащиеся обсуждают информацию, которую они знают о Шекспире)

Teacher: I see everybody knows this great writer and I want to surprise you, because today you have a wonderful opportunity to make the acquaintance with William Shakespeare and his family. Please, welcome our guests from the past…

(К доске выходят 4 учащихся, исполняющих роли Шекспира, его родителей и его жены. (Учитель заранее распределяет роли))

W. Shakespeare: Hello! I am William Shakespeare. I was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon. I am an English poet, playwright and actor. I studied at the grammar school in Stratford and got a good education. At the age of 18 I married Anne Hathaway. In 1587 I went to work in London. There I began my successful career as an actor, writer and part-owner of a playing company called the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, later known as the King’s Men. I wrote thirty-eight plays and 152 sonnets.

Anne Hathaway: My name is Anne Hathaway, I am a farmer’s daughter. William and I got married in 1582. We have three children: Susannah, the eldest, and the twins Hamnet and Judith.

John Shakespeare: My name is John Shakespeare. I am a glove-maker. This is my wife Mary, a daughter of a farmer. We are William’s parents, William also has three brothers and four sisters.

W. Shakespeare: Dear boys and girls, as you know I was born and spent a great part of my life in Stratford-upon-Avon. Now I’d like to invite you to visit my hometown. Imagine you are a group of tourists and we are your guides.

John Shakespeare: This is the house where William was born and grew up. It is in Henley Street. I lived with my wife Mary and our eight children there. (Слайд №2)

W. Shakespeare: This is the grammar school which I attended and where I studied Latin and Literature. (Слайд №3)

Mary Arden (Shakespeare): This is the house where I lived. It is a typical farm house three miles north-west of Stratford. (Слайд №4)

Anne Hathaway: It’ s my family cottage. It is located one mile outside Stratford-upon-Avon in the village of Shottery. It is where I lived before marrying William. (Слайд №5)

W. Shakespeare: Of course, there are a lot of places to see in Stratford-upon-Avon, but we have to go now. Hope you enjoyed your excursion. Good-bye. (Учащиеся заканчивают свое выступление)

Teacher: William Shakespeare wrote three kinds of plays: comedies, tragedies and histories. (Учитель также предлагает учащимся вспомнить названия самых известных пьес и сказать к какому жанру они относятся)

Teacher: Do you know the name of the theatre where the most of Shakespeare’s plays were performed?.. Right! It’s the Globe Theatre. Imagine, we are at the Globe Theatre in London and we are going to watch a part of well-known comedy “The Merchant of Venice” (Выходят 3 учащихся, исполняющие роли Порции, Бассанио и Шейлока. Перед началом мини-спектакля учитель знакомит учащихся с героями и рассказывает краткое содержание событий в данной комедии.) (Информация о содержании комедии, а также отрывок из пьесы взят из учебника Spotlight 9 cтр.86-87) (Слайд №6)

Teacher: Antonio is a merchant of Venice. His friend Bassanio wants to borrow some money to allow him to marry Portia,a rich heiress. Antonio’s money is tired up in his trade ship that are at sea so he suggests that Bassanio borrows the money from Shylock, a moneylender, in Antonio’s name. Shylock doesn’t like Antonio. He offers to lend Bassanio the money, but if he cannot pay it back, he wants a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Despite Bassanio’s warnings, Antonio agrees. Bassanio goes to Belmont and gets married to Portia. Later, he hears that Atonio has lost his ships, and that Shylock wants payment. He goes to Venice to help Antonio. At the trial, a legal expert arrives to decide what should be done. It’s Portia disguised as a young lawyer…

Учащиеся разыгрывают мини-спектакль.

Portia (dressed like a lawyer):

A pound of the merchant’s flesh is yours.

The court awards it and the law authorizes it.


What a righteous judge!


And you must cut this flesh from his chest.

The law allows it, and the court awards it.


What a wise judge! A sentence! Get ready!


Wait a moment, there is something else.

This contract does not give you any blood.

The exact words are ‘a pound of flesh’.

So take your price of pound of flesh.

But while you are cutting it, if you spill

One drop of blood, you will die and everything you own

According to the laws of Venice will be confiscated

By the state of Venice.


What an upright judge! Pay attention! What a wise judge.


Is that the law?


You shall see for yourself.

For as you asked for justice, rest assured,

You shall have more justice than you want.


What a wise judge! Pay attention to a wise judge!


I’ll take their offer of two times the loan, then.

And let the merchant go.


Here is the money.


Wait! The man shall have justice. Wait! Don’t rush!

He shall have nothing except the penalty.


O! An upright judge, a wise judge!


So, get ready to cut off the flesh.

Don’t spill any blood or cut any more or less

Than a pound of flesh. If you cut any more

Or less than exactly a pound, even as much

To make the weight lighter or heavier

By a fraction of twentieth

of an ounce, no, even if the scale turns

By as much as a hair,

You will die and all your possessions will be confiscated!

Спектакль заканчивается.

Учитель обсуждает с учащимися героев и эту сцену в суде, также учащимся предлагают придумать концовку для этой комедии. После того как ученики выскажут свои идеи о концовке этой пьесы, учитель ставит аудиозапись, чтобы ученики могли проверить свои предположения (аудиозапись взята из Spotlight 9 CD модуль 5 стр.87 упр.7) .

Подведение итогов:

Учитель благодарит учащихся за урок, спрашивает, что нового они узнали в ходе урока, что им больше всего понравилось. В качестве домашнего задания учитель просит учеников разделиться на 3-4 группы и подготовить доклад по другим произведениям У. Шекспира.
Слайды с фотографиями для урока "Мир У.Шекспира"
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