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Андрей Анатольевич Поштариков 1947
Россия, Калмыкия респ., Элиста

Примерный план закрытия недели английского языка


1. Good afternoon dear friends!

2. We are glad to see you here!

1. Today we come here to honor the winners of the week of English language.

2. Six days came quickly. But every day of the week was full interesting, creative competitions, had it’s own winners, opened new talented pupils.

1. Every day our pupils took part in different games, competitions, lessons.

2. Every day our pupils showed their knowledge in English.

1 часть

Now we honor the winners of the first day. It is “The day of the best school projects”.

2. To greet and to honor our winners we invite the teacher of English -Поштариков А.А.

( награждение)

1. Our pupils of the 3d and 4th classes also took part in the week of the English language.

2. To honor our little participants we invite the teacher of the English Яшкаева Б.Х.

( награждение)

1. Dear winners, for you the poem by Lord Byron «She walks in Beauty».

Greet! The pupil of the 7th b class Лиджи-Горяев Кирилл.

It’s great when our pupils are interested in music.

Meet! The pupil of the 8 а grade – Муджикова Анна, with the song “Hurt”

2 часть

1.Now we honor the winners of the second day. It was the day of the games between 5th, 6th, 7th classes.

2. Also, that day the 8th and 9th classes took part in the contest of dialogical speech.

1. We invite here the teacher of English - Очирова А.А.

( награждение)

1. For our winners the poem by Stivenson «The wind»

Meet! The pupil of the 9 б class Арманова Алтн

On the stage, our future music star. The pupil of the 9 b grade -Кривова Любовь, with the song “Diamonds”

3 часть

Dear friends! We go on our honoration.

We invite on the stage the teacher of the English- Чевлянова О.Ч.

( награждение)

1. For our winners the poem by Lord Byron «A red, red rose»

Meet! The pupil of the 5th a class Лободина Елизавета

Greet! The best singer of our school. The pupil of the 11 a grade- Алташева Виктория with the song “Sway”

4 часть

Dear friends! The last day was the hottest!

Why is the hottest?

It was the real battle of voices between our pupils who has the most wonderful voices. The best English singers.

Yes, our pupils are really talented and creative, they can sing like Madonna, Shakira, Pugacheva.

1. Also it was “The week of the most informative, creative posters” .

2. To honor the winners, we invite on the stage the teacher of English- Айгурова Т.Г.

( награждение)

She is going to recite the poem for our winners by Robert Burns ««My heart is in the Highlands»

Meet! The pupil of the 8a class Леджиева Алина

Greet! The best singers of our school. The winners of the competition “The Battle of the voices”. The pupils of the 11 a grade - Алташева Виктория, Босхомджиева Айса, Цой Екатерина, with the song “Somebody to love”


Dear friends! We are coming to the end. We congratulate all participants.

The week of the English language is over. It was really “HOT, SCHOOL, YOURS!”

Learn English!

Speak English!

Together: GOOD BYE!


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