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Алиева Афак Салех кызы1164
Окончила Сургутский Государственный Университет в 2011г; диплом с отличием; Учитель первой квалификационной категории.
Россия, Ханты-Мансийский АО, Сургут
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Try + to + infinitive means that something is difficult and you make an attempt to do it.

I’m trying to learn Japanese but it’s very difficult.

Try + ‘ing’ means make an experiment. It’s not difficult – it might work, it might not.

Have you tried using butter instead of oil?


advise, allow, recommend


V+object+to Infinitive

I advise you to prepare your homework for the next lesson.

They allow using library computers from 9 am to 8 pm.


I advise learning a foreign language

We don’t allow our children to watch TV at night.




If you stop to do smth, you pause.

The bus stopped to pick up the children.

If you stop doing something? You don’t do in any more.

Stop talking!




Remember/forget + to + infinitive means that you remember something you have to do – a duty.

Don’t forget to post that letter for me.

Did you remember to post that letter for me?

Remember/forget + ‘ing’ form means remember something you did in the past – an event or an activity.

I’ll always remember meeting you for the first time.

I’ll never forget meeting you for the first time.




With an ‘ing’ form, ‘like’ means ‘enjoy’

I like watching old films on TV.

Remember that ‘would like’ can only be followed by an infinitive.

I’d like to go to Japan next year, if possible.

I like to wash up as soon as I finish eating.

I might not enjoy washing up but I think it’s the right thing to do.




I need to do something = it is necessary for me to do it:

I need to take more exercise.

Something needs doing = something needs to be done:

Do you think my jacket needs cleaning? (=needs to be cleaned)

It's a difficult problem. It needs thinking about very carefully. (= it needs to be thought about)



She offered me to make a chocolate cake.


He suggested visiting a new museum.

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