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Халиуллина Лилия Шамилевна1700
работаю в школе учителем английского языка. Стаж 23 года.
Россия, Башкирская респ., Туймазы
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The collection of rhyme suggestions for the words in the student’s books “Spotlight”

5 Class

Starter Unit


sink-pink seen-green you-blue town-brown fellow-yellow

write-white back-black say-grey

Common verbs

cook-look ring-sing fun-run beak-speak deep-sleep

lime-climb speed-read four-draw site-write

Classroom objects

He is a good cook. – notebook My car is blue. - glue

We are waiting for a race. - pencil case He’s a good gardener. - sharpener

Take your award! – blackboard Is the water in the cooler? - ruler

Unit 2

Personal things

hall –basketball she loves-gloves lamp-cap sit-helmet long hair- teddy bear

Unit 3

Furniture and appliances

Unit 4

bridge-fridge place-fireplace red-bed hair-chair pink-sink

camp-lamp hello-window market-carpet half-bath

Family members (adjectives to describe Kate’s family members)

ever-clever mind-kind pool-cool honey-funny forty-naughty

cosy-noisy earing-caring mainly-friendly feet-sweet


My dad is like a peacock

Because he’s proud and likes rock.

My sis is like a lamb

Because she’s gentle and likes jam.

My brother is like a kitten

Because he’s playful and likes chicken.

Unit 5

Animals. Parts of the body

a good law-paw the last train- mane I’ll seek- beak short hair-bear

a long e-mail- tail we sing- wing let’s check-neck

Pets and farm animals

pen-hen coat-goat to dig- guinea pig luck-duck deep-sheep wish-gold fish

habbit-rabbit now-cow photos-tortoise fat-cat loose-goose

A visit to the vet

Eat your carrot. - It’s Tom, my parrot.

Do you believe me? - How old is he?

Have I to do it now? - Really? How?

He is my uncle Tim.- Let’s have a look at him.

I’ve got a golden ring. - I think he’s got a broken wing.

Where’s the letter? - What’s the matter?

Don’t be slow. - I don’t know.

Unit 6

Daily activities

It’s cool. -go to school I like rock. -do homework

The rose is red. - go to bed It’s my ring. - go jogging

Hands up! - get up Do you hear me? - have a cup of tea

I like coffee very much. - have lunch

Unit 8

Festive activities

Stand up! - dress up Who is Robin Hood? - cook special food

Who is Mickey Mouse? - decorate the house

They are housemaids. - have street parades

I’m a winner. -have a family dinner Look at the fox. - set off fireworks

Listen to music hits. - exchange gifts

6 Class

Unit 2

Rooms and furniture

face-fireplace more-floor sock-clock hair-armchair bridge-fridge

no- window pink-sink

Unit 5

Making preparations

fall-make a phone call work-do homework sea-make tea

fish-make a special dish

What’s up? - do the washing-up

At the party

lake- bring a cake file-talk on the mobile

chance-dance rich-eat a sandwich

corn-blow a party horn

Celebrations. Special days

I like musical hits. -offer flowers and gifts Where are your hats? - make wreaths

Let’s play! -watch a firework display My brother likes charades. - watch parades

Do you know Robin Hood? -eat traditional food

Look at the fox! - watch the fireworks People use lifts. -exchange gifts

Who created Mickey Mouse?- decorate the house

It’s very simple. -visit people Clap your hands! - light lamps

Unit 5

Places in town

Clap your hands! -meet friends He is Brave Heart. - see works of art

What’s your nick? -have a picnic She is nice. - exercise

Send a fax! – relax We write e-mails. - see animals

Follow this track. - eat a snack

7 Class

Unit 1


Take your seats! - crowded streets Brush your hair! - fresh air

Eat the grapes! -beautiful landscapes How do you think? - heavy traffic

The great revolution- constant noise and pollution

The windows are decorated- feeling isolated Always smile! - lead unhealthy lifestyle

Unit 3


active-imaginative agent-patient attic-artistic furious-curious

bring-daring frightened-determined


hall-tall sound-round bump- plump heavy-wavy rush-moustache

Unit 4

Types of media

You’re nice. - fashion and beauty advice It’s a red rose. - chat shows

It’s on your side. - TV guide A good tip—celebrity gossip

Is your school new?- interview Look at the fairy! - documentary

Unit 5


My mum often cooks. -read e-books Do you have a pet? - surf the Net

She sings merrily. - talk to friends and family Do you like lies? - store music files

The horse has got a tail. - send an e-mail This book is thick. -listen to music


Do you like bread and ham? - traffic jam Russian revolution-pollution

Where is your spoon?- moon

Unit 6

Fun activities

fashion (It’s a good reaction.) - explore a haunted mansion

Look at the seal! -ride on a big wheel

What a loss! (My dad is a boss) -eat candy floss

brown bricks (Your number is six.) - see clowns performing tricks

It’s a good tip-fly in a pirate ship

Greet the host! - meet the ghost

Bees give honey. - go on a rocket journey

We often write. - go on a water ride

Listen to music hits. - see trapeze artists

Teen camp activities

I like sport a lot. - make a robot Is that all? - play football

It’s a shame. -play a video game Do you see a mouse? - make a tree house

Wash the glasses! - have acting classes My dad like cycling. - go hiking

They are on the stage-make a webpage

Unit 7


What’s your state? – great Where’s money? –funny

He is Brave Heart. – smart Yesterday I skated. - talented

She is active. – attractive It’s made of stone. - well-known


It’s a prediction. - science fiction Don’t be lazy. - fantasy

It’s in fashion. –animation It’s a good performance. -romance

He’s a famous actor. –adventure Write the letter D. -comedy


The house is made of bricks. – lyrics Do you hear a noise? -powerful voice

You’re the last. – cast It’s hot. –plot Is your dad a firefighter? - songwriter

We’ve got 2 cats. -special effects She’s from Egypt. -script

Unit 8


Do you hear any sounds? - polluted clouds Take a train! -acid rain

It’s your taste- factory waste Birds are flying. -fish and plant dying

These are catchy tunes. -toxic fumes It’s a good celebration. - power station

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