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Инструкция: «Вам предлагаются задания с одним правильным ответом из пяти предложенных. Выбранный ответ необходимо отметить на листе ответов путем полного закрашивания соответствующего кружка».


1 текст

1. Choose the correct answer:

The text tells about ….

A) Edison’s first inventions

B) ancient times

C) about the first cinema films

D) the Lumiere brothers

E) Edison’s photographic exposures

2. Choose the correct answer:

The names of the Lumiere brothers were

A) Charles and August

B) Edison and Louis

C) Joseph and Louis

D) August and Louis

E) Oliver and August

3.Choose the correct answer:

The first cinematograph film was

A) The Arrival of a Train at a Station

B) The life of an American fireman

C) moonlight

D) The life of an American fisherman

E) The Arrival of a Bus at a Station

4. Choose the correct answer:

Where was the first film shown?

A) France

B) the USA

C) Canada

D) America

E) the United Kingdom

5.Choose the correct answer:

The first films had …

A) no sound

B) no actions

C) people’s voices

D) no printed words on the screen

E) no popularity

2 текст

6.Choose the correct answer:

The world Hollywood has 2 meanings. Hollywood is an area in Los Angeles. It is also ….

A) the American movie industry

B) world movie industry

C) the home for actors

D) the area in Chicago

E) the studio in New York

7.Choose the correct answer:

When was Hollywood built?

A) 1917

B) 1918

C) 1925

D) 1907

E) 1908

8.Find the correct answer:

Why isn’t Hollywood so popular?

A) Many films are made outside of Hollywood

B) it has bad nature

C) the director died

D) the climate changed there

E) there is no place to make the films there

9.Find the correct answer:

Who lived in Hollywood?

A) Better Davis

B) the president of the USA

C) Bernard Show

D) Chinese actors

E) Monica Belucci

10. Find the correct answer:

What can you see in Hollywood now?

A) Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame

B) Trafalgar Square.

C) nothing

D) many studios

E) the Statue of Liberty



Инструкция: «Вам предлагаются задания с одним правильным ответом из пяти предложенных. Выбранный ответ необходимо отметить на листе ответов путем полного закрашивания соответствующего кружка».

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. Чтение буквосочетания "ow," отличается от остальных в слове:

A) Thrown.

B) Down.

C) Grow.

D) Fellow.

E) Snow.

2. Общим для данной группы слов является слово:

A) wind

B) cold

C) storm

D) weather

E) warm

3. Правильная сравнительная степень прилагательного.

New York is … city of the USA.

A) most largest

B) the larger

C) large

D) larger

E) the largest

4. Выберите притяжательную форму существительного во множественном числе:

A) boy’s

B) woman’s

C) boys’

D) toy’s

E) girl’s

5. Синоним к слову “ to come together”:

A) to examine

B) to gather

C) to bring

D) to leave

E) to live

6. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:

He threw ... stone at ... dog which was passing me in the street.

A) - | a

B) - | the

C) the | -

D) a | a

E) a | the

7.  Прилагательное в данной группе слов:

A) Son.

B) Sunshine.

C) Sunny.

D) Sun.

E) Song.

8. Вставьте нужный глагол:

There … three dogs and four cats in the yard.

A) Are.

B) Be.

C) -.

D) Was.

E) Is.

9. Глагол в Present Indefinite Active:

A) Teaching.

B) Taughted.

C) Have taught.

D) Taught.

E) Teaches.

10. Выберите предложение с верным порядком слов:

A) In summer visited Colin his aunt.

B) His aunt Colin visited in summer.

C) Colin in summer visited his aunt.

D) With his sister Carol he spent in Ireland two weeks.

E) Colin has visited his aunt in summer.

11.  Правильный модальный глагол:

My dentist says I … eat so many sweets.

A) Ought to not

B) Hadn’t to

C) Haven’t

D) Mustn’t

E) Needn’t

12. Правильный вариант предлога:

After Harris had failed his exams three times, he gave … trying to enter the college.

A) for

B) up

C) at

D) of

E) on

13. Притяжательная форма существительного в единственном числе

I stayed at …

A) the house of my sister

B) my sisters’ house

C) of my sister house

D) my sister house

E) my sister’s house

12. Правильный вариант притяжательного местоимения.

Those photos on the table are ... .

A) their.

B) my.

C) our.

D) the mine.

E) mine.

15.  Дополните предложение:

What is the ... of these sweets?

A) store

B) try on

C) sell

D) cost

E) price

16. Поставьте предложение в отрицательную форму:

I will answer all the questions.

A) I shall no answer all the questions.

B) I shall answering all the questions.

C) I will not answer all the questions.

D) I not answer all the questions.

E) I not shall answer all the questions.

17. Выберите правильный вариант вопроса.

A) How much tall are you?

B) How tall you are?

C) How tall are you?

D) How are you tall?

E) How you are tall?

19. Выберите правильный вариант неличной формы глагола.

Have you got a moment? I’d like ... to you about something.

A) talking.

B) to have talking.

C) to talk.

D) having to talk.

E) talk.

19. Выберите правильный вариант глагола

Mum wouldn’t have worried if you … her as soon as you had arrived at the hotel.

A) Phone.

B) Had phoned.

C) Have phoned.

D) Will phone.

E) Would phone.

20. Закончите предложение:

Many of the Great Britain famous men are buried in ...

A) the Tower of London.

B) the Westminster Abbey.

C) the Piccadilly Circus.

D) the British Museum.

E) the Whitehall.



1 текст


You know that the dog is a man’s best friend. The dog is also man’s oldest friend.

More than ten thousand years ago dogs didn’t live with people. They were wild. All dogs now, if you watch them, do some things which they did in their wild life.

For instance, dogs circle round before they lie down to sleep, as wild dogs used to do in order to flatten the long grass.

Dogs also bury bones, as a wild dogs used to do when they wanted to hide extra food.

Dogs now live with men and do many useful things for them. Dogs may be “eyes” for blind people. There are many stories about dogs and their help to men. There was a dog, Bruno by name, who saved forty people from mountain snowdrifts. Dogs help geologists to find iron.

If you have a dog, you know how clever dogs are. You can teach your dog to pick up newspapers or books and give them to you, or to carry your basket when you go to the shop, or to help you with your bag when you come home from school. Do you take your dog to the river? Dogs usually like to swim. But some dogs are afraid of water.

If your dog is afraid of water and you want him to swim, make him swim, but do it very carefully. Do not throw him into the water, let him walk first in shallow water and only then take him to deep water.

Where do you leave your dog when you go on holidays? Leave him in good hands; with a neighbor or a family friend. Take your dog to these people several times before you go away. Sit down and talk with them. Show to your dog that they are your friends Tell him to wait for you here. He may understand.

Take care of your dog never let him run wild in the street. If you are good to your dog, he will be your real friend.

1. Choose the correct answer:

More than ten thousand years ago dogs….

A) didn’t live with people

B) were in the forest

C) live with some people

D) met with their friends

E) swam in the rivers

2.Choose the correct answer:

All dogs ….

A) circle round before they lie down to sleep

B) bury bones

C) may be eyes for blind people

D) are clever and can be taught

E) bad sense of smell

3.Choose the correct answer:

If your dog is afraid of water and you want him to swim ….

A) throw him into the water

B) give him a balloon

C) don’t throw him into the water

D) take him into deep water at once

E) don’t do that. It will be better

4. Choose the correct answer:

There was a dog, Bruno by name, who saved forty people from …..

A) yeti

B) mountain snowdrifts

C) wild dogs

D) snakes

E) raindrifts

5. Choose the correct answer:

When you go on holidays, … Leave him in good hands;

A) take him with you

B) leave him at the police station

C) leave him with your neighbor

D) leave him alone

E) call a baby-sitter

Text 2

A Brain-Boosting Video Game

In the video game Tetris players try to pack as many shapes as possible into a small space. According to a new study, that’s not all they’re doing.

It sounds like a joke, but the study uses serious science. A team of three researchers from Canada and the United States scanned the brains of 15 adolescent girls, aged 12 to 15, who played Tetris. The scans showed that after 3 months of playing the block-stacking game, grey matter in the girls’ brains was thicker (grey matter is the wrinkly mixture of brain cells and blood vessels responsible for processing information in the brain). Part of the thicker grey matter was in a region of the brain near the top of the head. This area, called the parietal lobe, is believed to be responsible for collecting information from the senses. The study shows that “brain structure is much more dynamic than had been appreciated”, says Richard Haier of the University of California, Irvine, one of the three scientists behind the study. Haier says they studied girls’ brains because they typically spend less time playing video games than boys.

For comparison, the scientists also scanned the brains of 11 girls who had not been playing Tetris. They found no increase in the thickness of those girls’ grey matter – suggesting that certain parts of the game-playing girls’ brains grew because the girls had played the video game.

The researchers didn’t stop there – they also did real-time brain scans of girls while they were playing Tetris. For those scans, they used a technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. An fMRI tracks how blood moves through the brain, and allows scientists to see which brain areas are being used. These scans showed that in the brains of girls who played Tetris for three months, some parts of the brain were being used less. The scientists don’t know why. Haier suggests that the drop in activity may be due to the brain actually working more efficiently than before. “We’re not sure, but we think the brain is learning which areas not to use,” Haier says. “As you learn the game, it becomes more automatic.” The parts of the brain that got bigger over the course of three months were not the same parts of 4

the brain that were being used less. This comparison hints that bigger is not always better: just because a part of the brain gets bigger doesn’t mean that it’s working more efficiently.

“Understanding how the brain works is not easy,” says Haier. The scientists don’t know if the brain changes due to Tetris will help a person learn new skills or have better memory. “We know Tetris changes the brain,” Haier says. “We don’t know if it’s good for you.”

6. Choose the correct answer:

Scientists found a connection between playing Tetris and ____

A) the thickening of grey matter in the brain

B) the size of parts of the brain

C) the conditions of the brain cells

D) the thickness of the blood vessels in the brain

E) the sickness of the blood vessels in the brain

7. Choose the correct answer:

The scientists who were examining the girls’ brain knew that boys usually spend ____

A) more time playing video games than girls

B) less time playing video games than girls

C) as much time as girls who played video games

D) not so much time as girls who were accustomed to playing video games

E) less time playing video games than girls

8. Choose the correct answer:

The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging ____

A) to study how the girls were playing a game

B) to monitor the process of blood circulation through the brain

C) to study the process of the mental activity

D) to do a scanning of the parts of the brain

E) to do a scanning of the whole brain

9. Choose the correct answer:

The word “it” in line 27 means ____

A) grey matter

B) brain

C) learning

D) game

E) parts of brain

10. Choose the correct answer:

The researchers aren’t sure whether the process of playing the video game Tetris ____

A) changes one part of the brain

B) helps the player to improve memory

C) modifies the brain

D) makes grey matter in the girl’s brain thicker

E) helps to understand



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