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Диалог с турагентом об экскурсионном туре по США

-- Hello, is this a travel agency?
-- Hello, nice to see you. You have come to the right address. How can I help you?

--I am going on holiday for several days. Are there any interesting tours available in your agency?

--Sure, we have a great variety of them. Do you mean anything special?

-- Mm...not special. But maybe exciting … .

--What places do you prefer to visit?
-- I'd like to take the tour round the USA.
-- “Washington and Niagara falls" is a wonderful choice! Would you like to know more about this tour?
--Of course! Can you give me some additional information?

--With pleasure! I am happy to answer all your questions.

--What are the type and the length of this tour?

-- Oh, quite a long time for me. Unfortunately, I have not more than 3 days. -- So... Firstly , it is a package tour and as far as you can judge, it’s very comfortable and popular. Secondly, it lasts 5 days.

--But, it’s worth taking it! You will get unforgettable impressions!

--Let me think…What kind of the accommodation do you offer?
-- The accommodation includes two-bed compartments in train sleepers while you are moving from one place to another and 5stars-hotels during the nights . I think it will be quite convenient. We provide good quality services.
-- What are the destinations?
-- This trip offers a wide variety of destinations: Washington, D.C. , Philadelphia, New York, Niagara Falls and much more.
-- Wow! And what about activities to take part in?

--Well, you will have 2 nights to explore Niagara Falls and New York’s Manhattan. You will have an opportunity to walk along 5-th Avenue with shopping .You will have a wonderful rest in Central park and ride to the top of the Empire State Building. Besides, you will spend a full day in Washington, D.C. . Moreover, you will go to Philadelphia with a guided city tour for a day.
--Can I find out more about what you have just told me from the leaflet?

--No doubt! Besides, we have a tour website in the Net.

-- The tour price is 3,300 pounds.

-- Great! Now we will issue some documents and the «Washington and Niagara falls» tour is waiting for you!-- Fine! I like everything. And the last question... What is the price of this amazing tour ?-- Oh, well... I don 't think I should miss this chance.

--Thanks a lot.

Автор материала: Д. Ляшенко (10 класс)
Опубликовано в группе «Урок английского (English lesson)»

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