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Пезентация «Present Simple в ОГЭ»

Present Simple Открытый банк заданий ФИПИ

“I _________NOT/WANT_________ to go to school today,” Tracey told her father. do not want

“I _________LOSE_________ my key and I can’t get into my house.” have lost

“Where are your parents, Jason?” “I __________________. NOT/KNOW do not know

By today’s standards, my mobile phone is pretty basic. It’s a Nokia. It’s a small device that receives telephone calls and sends text messages. Other than that, my phone __________________ much. NOT/DO does not do

In everyday life, smartphones __________________ mainly for checking social networking sites, replying to emails, and playing games. USE are used

“There’s another thing I __________________ understand,” I interrupted Jim. “My computer’s on but I always switch it off before leaving home.” NOT/CAN can not

“I __________________ special sunglasses for skiing,” Linda boasted to her father. “Have a look! Nice, aren’t they?” BUY have bought

“We __________________ happy to meet you, Tim.” BE are

“Look, it’s my birthday this Saturday and I ________________ you yet. Will you come?” she said quietly. NOT/ INVITE have not invited

“Is everyone okay?” Dr. James asked. “Yes, yes, we are fine,” answered the man. “I __________________ 911 already. CALL have called

I do care about it but I __________________ what I can do to help the park,” said Jane. NOT/KNOW do not know

Some children ran over to see what was going on. They decided to help Jane. Soon all the rubbish was in the bags. “Good job,” Jane said, “We __________________ half of the park. CLEAN have cleaned

“Hello,” the lady said. “Can I speak to Mrs. Len?” “I’m sorry but she’s not at home. She’s out. She __________________ in the park.” WALK is walking

“Can I take a message?” Kim asked politely. “No. I __________________ her later. When is she going to be back?” CALL will call “She normally __________________ home at five.” “Fine,” came the answer and the phone went dead. COME comes

“You should come to see our show,” the guitarist kept saying to Dana. “I __________________ it one day,” Dana promised each time, SEE will see

When Emma told her friend, Lucy Pitt, about the new job, Lucy said: “I’m very happy that you __________________ a good job. But I also feel very sad about it because you’ll go to the city and will forget about your friends.” FIND have found

“Oh, no! I __________________ all my pens at home.” She turned to Jenny: “Have you got a spare pen?” LEAVE have left

“Why do you need a job?” I asked. “You __________________ by Mr. Green only a week ago as far as I remember.” EMPLOY were employed “Yes, I was. I got a job of a waiter in his restaurant. But I __________________ that job already. They said I was rude to a client.” LOSE have lost

“Hey, look what I __________________!” a man sitting several metres upstream proudly showed us his bag. There was a large fish in it. CATCH have caught

“How long do we have to wait? When will they bite?” I whispered. “I __________________,” Dad whispered back and a moment later he was holding a little, silver fish. NOT/KNOW do not know

“Ready, big guy?” asked Grandpa. “Will you have breakfast before we leave?” “No, I __________________ hungry”, Ben answered, “I’ll have breakfast at your place. NOT/BE am not

The uniform __________________ us all look the same, but it is the only way to keep warm! MAKE makes

Now it __________________ me hours to decide what to wear. TAKE takes

Another thing is that I don’t really like sport. But at school we __________________ football, netball, hockey and so on. Sport was compulsory. Now I realise that this was a good thing! PLAY played

“Not true”, I smiled. “What about television? It usually __________________ families to feel a lot more united.” HELP helps

It's very different now. Stonehenge __________________ more crowded than it was. BECOME has become

As a result, now people __________________ to walk around the monument but they can’t come up very close to it. ALLOW are allowed

“What __________________?” I didn’t sound very polite, but she paid no attention to that. HAPPEN has happened

“No, I don’t want to.” “But it __________________ you long! I promise”. NOT/TAKE will not take

"No, thank you, I __________________ what I need," answered Matilda showing a thick book of fairy tales. FIND have found

“Are you ready to go?” Dad asked. “Mum __________ the sandwiches for us already. In case we get hungry and there’s no cafe nearby.” PACK has packed

Are there any crocodiles? Who __________ care of the lions?” my sister was very excited and asked a lot of questions. TAKE takes

Some people say that learning languages is easy but others strongly __________. AGREE disagree

“I __________ you, no problem,” she said, “But I need to know some details about your mum.” HELP will help

Usually, I __________ to music a lot, I have other hobbies. NOT/ LISTEN do not listen

“Come in. We ________________ a meat pie into the oven. I think it’ll be ready in forty minutes or so. You aren’t very hungry, are you?” PUT have put

They nodded and went on talking. “Where’s Ken?” asked Laura. “He ________________ his car in the garage,” Laura said. REPAIR is repairing

He ________________ us soon.” JOIN will join

“Larry,” Jimmy sounded excited, “Look what I ________________! It’s a model of a super machine to save people from heat. MAKE have made

________________ you _________________ to me? It’s new technology!” LISTEN are listening

Now, she is making her further education plans, and her parents think she __________________ a brilliant career in science. HAVE would have

“I know what I want to do. I ________________ the university I’m going to enter,” Kate said to the journalists. CHOOSE have chosen

“Hi, it’s me,” Henry said cheerfully. “What ________________ you ________________ at home? I’m at the stadium already, waiting for you.” DO are doing

“Look! I ________________ him!” my little sister shouted. “He’s in the washing machine!” We watched in surprise as the cat got out of the washing machine. FIND have found

“I’m sure he ________________ in the armchair,” Mum said. But the cat wasn’t there either. SLEEP is sleeping

“Come on, kitty, come here. We ________________ you some milk.” GIVE will give

“Yes, thank you. I ________________ all the books from my reading list,” Lisa said, “but I can’t find any information about architecture.” FIND have found

“And I ________________ a coffee, if you don’t mind,” aunt Lucy added. HAVE will have

“It’s a nice place,” aunt Laura said, “but I want to have a break from hunting for clothes. ________________ you ________________ some ice cream, Andrew?” WANT do want

“I ________________ this game,” Kate whispered to the girl. “Is it difficult?” NEVER/PLAY have never played

“I ________________ my book somewhere here!” “Here it is,” John said, “but what’s it about?” LOSE have lost

You can borrow this book for a while if you want. I ________________ it anyway.” READ have read

“Guess what I__________________,” she said to Judy. BUY have bought

The girl took the boy to the gate. “Will you miss me?” she asked. The boy said, “Yes, I will!” To his surprise, the girl said, “But I won’t! I __________________ to see you anymore!” She closed the gate. NOT/WANT do not want

After dinner the parents had a discussion about the present. “I think we should give Mark the telescope,” Dad said. “But we __________________ all our savings already,” Mum responded. SPEND have spent

“Your dancing __________________ every day,” the teacher said one day. IMPROVE improves

“Oh, it’s ok,” said Kate, “Come in! You __________________ me in the kitchen, won’t you?” HELP will help

“But unfortunately some people __________________ that animals are not toys.” NOT/UNDERSTAND do not understand

“What are you having? Coffee? No, I __________________ coffee. Never. It’s not good for your health. ” “Look, Jane, do you know the name of the architect of this building?” Martin interrupted her. NOT/DRINK do not drink

“Are you all right?’ she asked. “You’re afraid of flying, aren’t you?” “I __________________ you to notice. Yes, I’m a bit scared. Sorry.” NOT/WANT did not want

“There __________________ nothing to be sorry about! It’s natural to feel nervous before your first flight. BE is

“Who __________________ a pie?” her mother asked. “I can smell it. How soon is it going to be ready? I’m very hungry.” MAKE is making

"Let me think about it. I __________________ you a call when I decide what to do." But Dylan had already decided what to do. GIVE will give

“You won’t have to,” her father reassured Susan. “I __________________ all the project papers already. So, while our partners are studying them, we’ll have plenty of time for sightseeing.” PREPARE have prepared

However, there was one thing she wanted to clear up before the trip: “Are you going to be busy from morning till night? I __________________ to sit in the hotel all the time alone.” NOT/WANT do not want

You have 30 minutes to do this task. You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Ben. …I am so fond of Japanese cartoons, that I’ve decided to learn Japanese. Mum says it’s hard, but I think it’s worth it. Besides, their writing is cool! … …What languages do you learn at school? What other language would you like to learn, why? What do you think about my choice of Japanese?…