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Read the text, then choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D) for

questions 1-10.


The young man was going to marry a beautiful girl. One day the girl said him that the next day she would celebrate her birthday and invited him to her birthday party. The young man was eager to make her a present, so he went to a gift shop. There he saw many beautiful things. Of all the things he particularly liked the vases.

But they were very expensive, and as he had very little money he had to leave the shop without buying anything. Making for the door he suddenly heard a noise: one of the vases fell on the floor and broke to pieces. A brilliant idea came to his mind.  He came up to the counter and asked the salesman to wrap up the broken vase he wanted to buy. The salesman got a little surprised but did what the young man had asked him to do.

The young man took the parcel and went straight to the girl’s place.  By the time he entered the room the guests had already gathered. Everybody was enjoying the party. Some of the people were dancing, other were talking, joking and laughing.  Saying “many happy returns of the day”, the young man told the girl that he had bought a small present for her. With these words he began to unwrap the parcel. Suddenly he got pale and said “I am afraid, I’ve broken it. There were so many people in the bus…” But when he unwrapped the parcel, he saw that the salesman had wrapped up each piece of the vase separately.



1. What was the young man going to do?

A) He was going to change his job.

B) He was going to marry a beautiful girl.

C) He was going to work in the park.

D) He was going to enter the university.

2. Why wanted the young man go to the gift shop?

A) He wanted to look at a beautiful vase.

B) He wanted to buy a present for his girl.

C) He wanted to see his friend who was a salesman there.

D) He wanted to break a vase to pieces.

3. What did he particularly like of all the things he saw in the shop?

A) He liked the ear-rings.

B) He liked the carpets.

C) He liked the gloves.

D) He liked the vases.

4. Why didn`t he buy the vase?

A) Because it was very expensive.

B) Because it was broken.

C) Because it was ugly.

D) Because it was very cheap.

5. What did he suddenly hear?

A) A noise.

B) A voice of his friend.

C) A song.

D) A laugh.

6. What idea came to his mind?

A) Good.

B) Bad.

C) Brilliant.

D) Silly.

7. Who had gathered at the girl`s place by the time the entered the flat?

A) The relatives.

B) The fellow-students.

C) The guests.

D) The neighbours.

8. What were the guests doing?

A) They were quarrelling, crying, screaming.

B) They were writing, reading, discussing.

C) They were eating, drinking, talking.

D) They were dancing, talking, joking, and laughing.

9. Why did he suddenly get pale?

A) Because he suddenly felt sick.

B) Because he had to say that the vase was broken.

C) Because he didn`t expect to see an old enemy of his among the guests.

D) Because he was short of breath.

10. What did the young man see when he unwrapped the parcel?

A) He saw that the salesman had wrapped up each piece of the vase separately.

B) He saw that the salesman had wrapped up an undamaged beautiful vase.

C) He saw that the salesman had wrapped up a beautiful statuette.

D) He saw that the salesman had wrapped up a beautiful coffee-set.

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