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Россия, Иркутская обл., Иркутск

As you see, factories and plants dump industrial waste into the air. The by-products of their activity pollute the air we breath.

Cars and buses put a lot of smoke into the air. There are too many cars nowadays. There are often traffic jams in Irkutsk. They do a lot of harm to our town atmosphere and ruin the beauty of the countryside because many new roads are built everywhere.

I’d like to add the railways are also one of the sources of pollution, especially locomotives. One locomotive exausts as much harmful waste into the air as 40 or 50 cars.

You know that railway transport throws out into the atmosphere 300 kinds of harmful substances which change the structure of air. It’s very dangerous for the health of people.

Some people’s activities do a lot of harm to forests and trees. They are cut down. Their disappearance upsets the oxygen balance. As a result some rare species of animals , birds and plants disappear forever.

But trees disappear not only because of it. Every day we waste tons of paper made from wood .

Not to litter the ground and water sources with paper, cans or bottles. People should not throw rubbish and trash into the rivers and lakes.

One more source of air pollution. We produce carbon dioxide when we burn things. Trees take this gas from the air and produce oxygen. There are fewer trees and of course, more dioxide.

Factories and plants must stop to throw chemical and toxic wastes into the rivers and seas.

People must discuss different ecological problems and make correct conclusions. Only common efforts will help to stop further pollution.

People must change their way of life and their attitude to the nature!

People must care about animals and plants and they should not kill animals for their fur. People must not cut down so many trees.


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