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Тема: Is the Earth a dangerous place?


1)Совершенствовать устную речь по теме «Natural disasters»

2)Расширить словарный запас учащихся по теме «Hurricane Sandy»

3)Развивать навыки аудирования, чтения и перевода

4)Воспитывать любовь к языку и к стране изучаемого языка

Материал:М.З.Биболетова, Н.Н.Трубанева 8 класс «Enjoy English», www.Breaking news English.com

Оборудование:ТСО, проектор, колонки; раздаточный материал: тексты, бумажные футболки, слова песни.

План урока

I.Начало урока


2.Организационный момент

3.Речевая зарядка

II.Центральная часть урока

1.Сообщение задач урока

2.Введение новой лексики

3.Совершенствование навыков работы с текстом

4.Развитие навыков чтения и перевода

5.Закрепление изученной лексики

6.Формирование грамматических навыков

7.Совершенсивование навыков работы с текстом

8.Развитие устной речи по теме «Disasters»

III.Заключительная часть

1.Подведение итогов

2.Проектнаяработа «We save the world together»

Ход урока

I.Начало урока


-Good afternoon boys and girls! My name is Gulgena Samatovna and I will be your English teacher.

2.Организационный момент

-I want to begin our lesson with one of the most actual problems for us. Nowadays we can not imagine ourselves without friends. They took an important place in our life. I am sure that all of you has true friends and now we will speak a little about it. I suggest you doing the following task: you should complete this sentence by adjectives o actions which are suitable for it.

3.Речевая зарядка

-All you answers were right. Well, I think true friends should help you and overcome difficulties all together. Now I suggest you singing a song. It is named “All together now” . Who knows the singer? This is a famous group “The Beatles”. To begin with, let’s look through the new words. Repeat after me:

sail the ship-пускать кораблики

chop the tree-рубить дерево

look at me-посмотри на меня

-Now listen to it one more time and let’s try to sing (пение песни)

-Good job! I hope you liked this song and you will sing it all together.

II.Центральная часть

1.Сообщение задач урока

 -Today we shall go on speaking about natural disasters. At first, answer my questions. While answering, use the following words as luckily (к счастью), fortunately (к счастью)

1)Have you ever been caught with the hurricane?

2)Have you ever seen the volcano?

3)Has your town ever been flooded?

-Yes, fortunately, we live in a country where there is no volcanoes, no tornados, no hurricanes. That’s why we can read about it in books and watch films.

2)Введение новой лексики

Today I suggest you reading a text “Hurricane Sandy”. This is an information about real hurricane which can be seen in USA. But let’s look through new words first of all.



politician-политический деятель

to be ready for –быть готовым

deadly- смертоносный


agenda-повестка дня


disturbing sign-тревожный знак


tackling greenhouse gas-решение вопроса о парниковом эффекте


fuels and pollution – топливо и загрязнения

-Well, now let’s train our vocabulary. Look at the screen and complete words. (Ученики соотносят слова с переводом, которые учитель заранее приклеил неправильно).

3.Совершенствование навыков работы с текстом.

-So, my friends, take your sheets of paper with text and listen to the tape recorder. Please be very attentive we will have a lot of exercises with this text today.

4.Развитие навыков чтения и перевода.

-Now it’s your turn to read and give a translation. Your task is to write down the translation only of missed words and word combinations.

-Great job!

5.Закрепление изученной лексики.

-Look at the screen, please. You should match the following synonyms from the text.

1.asking a. sure

2.certain b. questioning

3.mixture c. specialist

4.expert d. combination

5.threat e. danger

-Very good. Now we are going on doing the same exercise. But here you should match phrases.

1.Hurricane Sandy killed at a. makes dirty weather

2.Flooded b.greenhouse gas

3.Dirty energy c.least 62 people

4.Get serious about tackling d.subway and tunnels

5.Sandy has firmly put climate change e.onto the agenda


6.Формирование грамматических навыков.

-Well, look at the screen please. I want two of you to come up here. You can see 2 sentences from our text. Your task is to put words in the right order and give a translation.

1) We must pay attention to this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis.

2) Sandy is certain to get politicians once again asking questions about fossil fuels and pollution.

-Very good, thank you. I think you are tired. Well, now having read the text you can imagine what is hurricane Sandy. I suggest you watching the video of this hurricane.

7.Совершенствование работы над текстом.

-Boys and girls, is it terrible? We are lucky that we don’t have it. Now we are going on. You have envelopes on your desks. Here are sentences from this text. You are to put them in the right order and make up a text.

-Let’s check it up? Well done.

-Now I want you to divide into 2 teams. I will give you words. Your task is to find the place where it is used.

How clever of you.

-Now I want you to put away your texts. I give you another text but without some words. Which team will be more correct and quicker?

-Good of you!

III.Завершающая часть урока

1)Повторение изученных на уроке моментов

-Have you got a short knowledge about Hurricane Sandy now?

2)Объяснение домашнего задания

- Here you can see T-shirts on your desks. Nowadays it’s very popular to wear written or painted T-shirt. Let’s make our ones. Look at my T-shirt. Your home-task will be to make something like that. You should use the theme of our lesson.

-The lesson is over. Good bye!

Hurricane Sandy killed at least 62 people and caused billions of dollars of damage to America's east coast. Water from the superstorm, which hit on Tuesday night, has flooded subways and tunnels in New York City and cut off electricity to millions of homes. Politicians and scientists are now asking whether America and the world are ready for such devastating and deadly weather events. Sandy has firmly put climate change back onto the agenda of the 2012 presidential election. Former U.S. vice president Al Gore told reporters: "Hurricane Sandy is a disturbing sign of things to come. We must [pay attention to] this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis." Mr Gore added: "Dirty energy makes dirty weather."

Climate expert Dr Shaye Wolf warned of "a future full of Frankenstorms". He said: "Climate change raises sea levels and super-sizes storms. The threat of killer winds and crushing storm surges will grow by the year unless we get serious about tackling greenhouse gas." Other scientists say a mixture of rare weather systems caused Sandy. They say that warmer temperatures and rising sea levels were probably not the reason for the hurricane. Meteorologist Kevin Trenberth said of Sandy: "A lot of [different] weather conditions that lined up [caused] what we might call a meteorological bomb." Sandy is certain to get politicians once again asking questions about fossil fuels and pollution.


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