Разработка урока английского языка «Applying for a job. Some tips for the Applicants» (9 класс)

Материал опубликован 1 December 2015

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

«Средняя общеобразовательная школа №21»

Методическая разработка урока

по английскому языку

для 9 классов

тема: «Выбор профессии»

Тема: «Applying for a job. Some tips for the Applicants»

Составил: учитель английского языка

МБОУ «СОШ №21» Поштариков А.А.


Конспект урока

по английскому языку в 9 классе

Тема: «Applying for a job. Some tips for the Applicants»

Цель: Содействовать учащимся в выборе будущей профессии. Формировать психологическую готовность подростка к профессиональной карьере.



-развивать у учащихся умение общаться на английском языке;

-продолжать знакомство с деловым английским;

-продолжать формирование базы для развития устной и письменной речи;


-развивать интеллектуальные способности учащихся;

-формировать умения выделять главное, умение сравнивать и анализировать;


-Развивать у учащихся самостоятельность мышления;

-Содействовать профориентации учащихся;

Дидактический материал:

Учебник “New Millennium” 9 класс, рабочая тетрадь, карточки с заданиями, резюме учащихся.

Оснащение: ТСО (магнитофон, проектор), кроссворд.


I. Организационный момент

T-Hello everybody! I hope that you will be interested in object of our discussion which is “Applying for a job. Some tips for the Applicants”

T- Now I’d like to begin our lesson with the funny businessman’ quotation. Look at our board.

“Business in Russia is an exiting and gripping adventure with unpredictable consequences”

«Бизнес в России - это волнующее и захватывающее приключение с непредсказуемыми последствиями».

-Will you translate this quotation?


II. Основной момент

1. T- Look at the board, please. You see some words, which will be necessary during our lesson. Let’s read them together.

a profession – профессия

an interview – собеседование

a resume – автобиография в табличной форме

a delivery – доставка, поставка

a customer – заказчик

an experience – опыт

to influence – влиять

an employer – работодатель

2. Т- Would you like to do the crossword.

-Yes, why not. Now, answer my questions.

1. Where do you study? (school)

2. After finishing the university? What would you like to get? (a job)

3. Where would you like to work? ( a firm)

4. To be hire on a job? What must you fill in? (a resume)

5. Where must you discuss your resume with more detail? (an interview)

6. What would be your advantage? (an experience)

7. What language is as language of international communication must you know? (English)

8. Who must you discuss many questions with? (a customer)

9. What questions must you discuss? ( a delivery)

10. What is your future profession?



























T- Thank you for your answers. Let’s find out, what job we’ve got in the middle of our crossword?

3. T- There are lots of adverts we can see in magazines, newspapers, TV and so on about professions.

-Let’s read some of then and answer the questions.


TF Consultancy is a business consulting company. Typing speed is at least 50 wpm, the ability to take shorthand dictation and knowledge procedures are essential requirements. The basic for the salary for the position is $ 14, 000 pa.

Enquires to T. Burger 525-5897


Wpm=words per minute – слов в минуту

Shorthand – стенография

Enquiry – запрос

Obtain – приобрести

1. What typing speed is required?

2. What other skills is required?

3. How can obtain more information?

Word Processor Operator

Application are invited for full-time operator to work in an office associated with the building industry.

Only experienced operators need apply.

Apply in writing to: The Personal Officer.

ABC Ltd.

38 Greenhill Rd.

Application – заявление

Full-time – на полную ставку

Personal – отдел кадров

1. Is this full-time or part time position?

2. Is it necessary to have experience for this job?

3. How should one apply?

T- Well done. Thanks a lot. We are going on our lesson.

4. T- When you apply for the job you need to provide a resume which gives the employer to get an important information about you.

-What kind of information do you think an employer might need to know about you?

- Let’s read Emily Lewis’ resume, and then answer the questions.



Emily Lewis


28 park Way

New York


Tel. 323-2958


April 3, 1980




1997-98: Cashier, TAFE College

1998- present: secretary of Office Manager,

Jones, Inc…,

New York


1997: certificate of Secondary, West Hill High School, New York

1999: Diploma of Secretarian Studies, Hamilton Secretarian College, New York


Typing (50 wpm) Bookkeeping


Gardening and tennis

1. Where does Emily live?

2. Where did she go to school?

3. What does she do at present?

4. How fast can she type?

5. What does she like to do in her spare time?

T- OK, I hope we’ve found out what general information is required to provide a resume. And we’ve also learnt how to fill only the important facts.

5. T- Now, I’d like you to tell me what personal qualities do you think are necessary to get a job?

Accurate- внимательный intelligent- умный

Ambitious- честолюбивый neat – аккуратный

Competent- знающий punctual- пунктуальный

Energetic- энергичный reliable- надежный

Experienced – опытный strong- сильный

Т- Don’t forget these qualities even at school. Learn by heart at home.

6. T-Let’s try to have a look on getting a job from the point of view of an employer who wants to hire a good specialist. Let’s read and translate some tips.

If your employer likes your resume you will get an interview. An interview is a final step when your employer meets you in personal asks you questions and some tests your abilities. But there are situations when you don’t even realize you are being tested.

A very successful South West Airlines, one of American’s most attractive employers says: “We are not interested in qualifications or experience. We can train that kind of stuff. We look for people with a nice personality and sense of humor.”

Another successful employer once told that for him the best indicator of potential management ability is an application driving style. The best interview usually takes place in a car and the applicant has to answer questions while driving through city traffic.

T- If you were an employer, what way would you choose to hire a good specialist?

-Thank you very much! I believe you’ll be very good employers.

III. Заключительный момент


T- You are great! I hope you’ve got a lot of important information for your future job.

-Please, tell me what have you learnt during our lesson?

-What exercises were easy or difficult to do?

T- You home work for the next lesson is to write your own resume.

-Your marks …… .

-See you later business alligator in a while business crocodile!

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