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Входная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса

1/ Прослушайте три высказывания о России. Соотнесите их содержание с утверждениями школьников (одно из утверждений лишнее).

Speaker A                   1. Fedor is very proud of his country.

Speaker B                   2. Varya wants to live in another city.

Speaker C                   3. Katya is going to travel far soon.

                                   4. Alex speaks about the place where he lives.


2/ Прочитай текст и утверждения после него. Отметь только правильные утверждения.

For most schoolchildren summer is the best season. They have these wonderful three-month holidays. Some children go to the countryside and visit their grandparents. Others travel abroad with their families. But many children stay in Moscow because they want to spend summer with their school friends.

We can often see groups of happy children in Moscow in summer. They walk in the city centre, ride their bikes in big parks, eat hamburgers in McDonald’s, go to the cinema. Some girls like to spend time in big shopping centres. They don’t buy many things, but they enjoy going from shop to shop and looking at beautiful clothes in the shop windows. Boys don’t like shops, they prefer playing sports games like football, basketball and volleyball at sport grounds. But all children go to big shop centres to have lunch, because you can buy cheap fast food and ice cream.

1.      Some children go to other countries in summer.

2.      Children stay in Moscow because of their parents.

3.      Children buy a lot of clothes in supermarkets.

4.      Children often eat in big shopping centres.


3/ Вставьте в предложения соответствующие предлоги (to, off, from, up, to, at, in).

1.      We took … photography last year.

2.      They decided to meet … the railway station.

3.      It takes more than ten hours to get … the east … the west of the country.

4.      Grasshoppers live … the grass.

5.      Mary left the bus after three. She got … the bus together with Mark.

6.      The young men were friendly … us.


4/ В каждом из предложений выбери подходящее по смыслу слово.

1.      My house is opposite (our, ours) school. What about (your, yours)?

2.      (Which, What) bag is hers – red or black?

3.      “(Go, Come) outside,” she said, closed the door and began doing the room.

4.      I like paintings (from, by) Valentin Serov.

5.      Jim is often late (because, certainly) it takes him long to walk to the office.

6.      The boy is (taller, the tallest) than the girl.


5/ Выбери соответствующие тексту формы глаголов.

Last summer Gregory (visited, was visiting) Russia. He (likes, liked) the county with its large territories. In July Gregory (came, was coming) to Irkutsk and (was doing, did) the city. While Gregory (is living, was living) in Irkutsk, he (was going, went) to see its museums and (had, was having) trips to different villages around the city. At the end of his trip Gregory said, “I (think, am thinking) Russia is a beautiful country. I (is, am) going to come here again”.


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