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Урок-викторина по английскому языку в 9 классе по теме «Путешествие»


Мир меняется через каждую сотню футов.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” St. Augustine "Мир - это книга, и те, кто не путешествуют, читают лишь одну ее страницу.“ Святой Августин «A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.» – Tim Cahill Дорогу (путешествие) лучше измерять количеством друзей, а не количеством миль. Тим Кэхилл (австралийский футболист) «The Earth is what we all have in common.» — Wendell Berry Земля – это то, что есть общего у нас всех. Венделл Барри (американский писатель) «The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.» – Lao Tzu Путь в тысячу миль начинается с одного шага. Лао-Цзы (древнекитайский философ) «Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.» – Thomas Fuller Путешествия делают лучше мудреца, и хуже — глупца. Томас Фуллер (английский историк и проповедник) «A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for» – John A. Shedd Корабль в гавани находится в безопасности, но не для того он был построен. Джон А.Шедд (американский профессор)

Complete the Sentences 1. You make a voyage if you travel by…. 2. A person in a hotel, station or airport who carries your luggage is a…. 3. Lost things can be found in the…. 4. If a person goes abroad, he has to go through the…. 5. The word that has nothing to do with trains is…. 6. ….is a word used mostly in British English. 7. At the railway station you can live your luggage at the…. 8. People usually get travel tickets at the…. lost-and-found department carriage customs sea booking office cable car porter left luggage office

Guess the Words seitsuca viontitain promeamr endekwe geranar tereinsingt dahoysli maneci lingveltra tutisiaon nerrtpa neyurjo

KEYS: seitsuca (suitcase) viontitain (invitation) promeamr (programme) endekwe (weekend) geranar (arrange) tereinsingt (interesting) dahoysli (holidays) maneci (cinema) lingveltra (travelling) tutisiaon (situation) nerrtpa (partner) neyurjo (journey)

Make up the Poem Ferry-boats Over the river, over the bay Ferry-boats travel every day. Watching the seagulls, laughing with friends, I’m always sorry when the trip ends. Trains Over the mountains, over the plains, Over the rivers here come trains. Carrying passengers, carrying mail, Over the country here come trains.

Countries and Cities Canada, Japan, India, Australia, Spain, Egypt, France, Vietnam, China, Kenya, Norway. Tokio, Madrid, Peking, Canberra, Ottawa, Delhi, Hanoi, Cairo, Paris, Oslo, Nairobi.

KEYS: Canada – Ottawa, India – Delhi, Japan – Tokio, Australia – Canberra, Spain – Madrid, Egypt – Cairo, France – Paris, Vietnam – Hanoi, China – Peking, Norway – Oslo, Kenya – Nairobi.

Complete the Text are are going at buing can colder didn’t buy from going has having is Mine My not buy on to to buy very cold was watch watching went where which

Complete the Text My name is Pedro and I’m from Andorra. I’m studying in a language school in England. (1)…teacher is from Scotland and she (2)…twenty-six years old. There (3)…fifteen people in my class. The students come from ten different countries. They (4)…all speak a little English. We do some grammar exercises every day. Sometimes we (5)… videos and listen to songs. Last week (6)… to London to do some shopping. I wanted (7)… some presents for my family. But I found that some things are very expensive in London so I (8)… a lot. Next week we (9)… to Edinburgh in Scotland. My teacher says that it is the most beautiful city in Britain, but it will probably be (10)… there than here. We are leaving (11)… five o’clock on Friday afternoon and travelling all night. We’re going to stay in a hotel in the centre of Edinburgh, (12)… there are lots of shops and things to see.

KEYS: 1.my; 2.is; 3.are; 4.can; 5.watch; 6.went; 7.to buy; 8.didn’t buy; 9.are going; 10.colder; 11.at; 12.where.

«At the Railway Station» single cost return to play long-distance train excess luggage Visa Cards ticket