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Комплексная работа (1-4 классы)

Вариант 2

Part 1

1) Answer the questions:

What is your name?

How old are you?

Where are you from?

What is your mother’s name?

How old is your friend?

What is your favourite colour?

What is your favourite school subject?

Part 2

1) Make the plurals:

a) a bench

d) a class

g) a man

b) a mouse

e) a memory

h) a half

c) a father-in-law

f) a tooth

i) a hero

2) Fill in gaps (much\many):

How ____ animals do you have?

How ____ water does she need?

How ____ sweets does he eat?

How ____ sugar does your Dad have?

3) Write down another form of expressions:

the place of my dog =

the fish of my sister =

the house of the friends =

the books of the women =

the mother of the girls =

4) Fill in gaps (is\are):

There ____ many pens on the desk.

There ____ a boy and a girl in the house.

There ____ boys and girls in the house.

There ____ a book in the bag.

5) Write down negative sentences and questions:

a) I can ride a bike.

f) He is wrong.

k) They go to school every day.

b) We can make bread.

g) I am ill.

l) She was there.

c) You are late.

h) She dances wonderful.

m) We watched TV yesterday.

d) I am talking!

i) We are cooking now.

n) I bought some lemons and apples.

e) It is singing.


o) You were beautiful.

Part 3

1) Fill in gaps:

I am a swimmer. I go to the _____ every week!


A _____ is a small and fast animal. A fox isn’t its friend.


My grandparents have six _____.


My best _____ is a clever boy.

ice cream

_____ are black and white. They are very funny.


A _____ is a very dangerous animal. It’s long and fast.


I like to eat _____. It’s cold and sweet!

swimming pool

I don’t like _____. I like fruits.


My mom is a cook. She likes to make _____.


The clouds can change their colour to _____.


He knows everything! He’s _____!


2) Write down the cardinal and ordinal numbers:








Scores: 7\50\25 =82


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