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Module 6 Exit Test

1. Choose the right answer:

Ann only bought a mobile phone two days ago and she … it

a) brake b) just broke c) has just broken d) had broken

2. You can visit Tower Bridge, which … in 1894.

a) were built b) was build c) was built d) were build

3. The Tsiolkovsky State Museum is … into three parts.

a) divide b) divided c) deleted d) delete

4. The water was so clear, and the dolphins … really close to me.

a) swim b) has swum c) swam d) swum

5. Mary is alone in the house. Her granny … to the post office.

a) has been b) has come c) has went d) has gone

2. Match the words:

1 fly over a place                    a. a volcano

2 travel                                  b. across the country

3 sail                                     c. an elephant

4 cycle                                   d. a camper van

5 ride                                     e. in helicopter

6 drive                                   f. with sharks

7 go sightseeing                      g. camping

8 go                                       h. on a yacht

9 dive                                     i. on an open-top double-decker bus

10 climb                                 j. a quad bike

3. Fill in: take off your shoes, eat everything, show the soles, give the flowers, eye contact, shake hands, kiss, blow your nose, burp, point

1. In Japan, if you want to show admiration of meal, you should … after it.

2. It is rude to make … with strangers in China.

3. You should never … in public. It is impolite.

4. In Europe, when you … with a firm grip, you show strength of character.

5. In China you shouldn’t …. on your plate. It means you are still hungry and the host feel obliged to offer you more.

6. In Thailand never … of your feet, even if your host tells you to make yourself comfortable.

7. If you visit somebody, … to the hostess, not to the host.

8. In Malaysia use the whole fist and a thumb to show direction. It’s really unacceptable to …at people.

9. In order not to get somebody’s house dirty, always … before going into it.

10. Never … somebody you meet on the cheek, if he is not your relative or friend.

4. Find the right translation:

1. Cut your finger

a) сломать палец b) порезать палец c) растянуть запястье

2. Twist your ankle

a) растянуть запястье b) сломать палец с) подвернуть лодыжку

3. Have a stomach ache

a) болит голова b) болит горло c) болит живот

4. Have the flu

a) получить солнечный ожог b) кашлять c) болеть гриппом

5. Get sunburn

a) идет кровь из носа b) иметь высокую температуру с) получить солнечный ожог

5. Fill in with the right preposition: in, on, by

1. I always go to school …bus.

2. I have never travelled … plane.

3. It takes only 10 minutes … foot to get to my school.

4. When you are … a taxi, you shouldn’t speak to the driver.

5.When I was … a boat with my father, we saw a lot of ducklings with mother- duck.

6. Match the sights of London with their descriptions:

1.Tower Bridge                      a) the huge wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames

2. Elizabeth Tower                 b) formerly a palace, a fort, a prison and a zoo

3. The London Eye                c) large gothic church in the centre of London

4. The Tower of London         d) art gallery housed inside a former power station

5 Tate Modern                      e) the Clock Tower used to be called Big Ben

6. Westminster Abbey           f) was built in 1894, can open up to let boats and ships under it.

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