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Crossword “Insects”



2) A flat, brown or black insect with long antennae often found in the kitchen.

4) A very small jumping insect that drinks blood of animals and humans.

5) A small flying insect that bites people and animals and sucks their blood.

9) A flying insect, often black and yellow, that can sting.

10) A very small insect that lives under the ground in large and well-organized social groups.

11) An insect with a hard shell-like back.

12) A large insect with a long, thin, brightly colored body and two pairs of transparent wings.

13) A yellow and black flying insect that makes honey and can sting.

14) A type of insect with large, often brightly colored wings.


1) A large insect with long back legs that can jump very high and makes a sharp, high noise using its back legs or wings.

2) A small, long animal with many legs that eats leaves and becomes a butterfly or a moth.

3) A large insect found in warm countries that produces a high continuous sound.

4) A small insect with two wings.

6) An insect that is active during the night and whose tail produces light.

7) An insect with wings that is similar to a butterfly, usually flies at night, and is attracted to light.

8) A small, round, red beetle with black spots.









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