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Цілі: проконтролювати ступінь за­своєння знань, сформованості на­вчальних умінь та навичок учнів з теми «Спорт»; розви­вати навички розуміння прочитано­го, навички діалогічного та моноло­гічного мовлення, вміння учнів працювати над проектними робота­ми; сприяти розвитку логічного мислення учнів; виховувати пізна­вальний інтерес до вивчення анг­лійської мови, старанність і повагу один до одного; розширювати кру­гозір учнів.

Тип уроку: урок-змагання.

Обладнання: плакати з прислів'ями та висловами; картинки з видами спорту; дидактичний матеріал; маг­нітофон, аудіокасета; результати проектної діяльності: стіннівки, фотореферати.



І. Підготовка до сприйняття іноземного мовлення

1. Привітання. Повідомлення теми й цілей уроку

Т. Good morning, boys and girls! I am very glad to see you. Sit down, please. Tell me, please, what day is it today? And what is the date? Right, today is Friday, the 17th of March. You know that today we'll have the competitions between two teams. You have just stud­ied the topic "SPORT", and now we are ready for the game. Let's start.

2. Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу

1) Т. On the walls of our classroom there are some proverbs and say­ings. Can you read and translate them?

PI. A sound mind in a sound body. — У здоровому тілі — здоровий дух.

Р2. Citius! Altius! Fortius! or Quicker! Higher! Stronger! — Швидше! Вище! Сильніше!

P3. No pain, no gain! — Хто не працює, той не їсть.

Р4. Fortune favours the brave.— Де відвага, там і перемога.

Р5. It is above all to take part in, not to win. — Головне — участь, а не пе­ремога.

P6. If at first you don't succeed, try again. — Вперше не вдалося — спробуй ще раз.

2) Т. Well, we've got two teams. Tell me, what are the names of your teams? And what are the mottoes of your teams? Who are the leaders of your teams? What is your name? And yours? Come here, shake your hands. I see, you've prepared fine badges. Could you bring them to our referees? Thank you. Take your seats.


II. Основна частина уроку

1. Morning exercises (проведення зарядки)

T. Well, the first task is to do morning exercises. The leader must go to the board and do M.E. with the entire group.

Who can start? Please, do. The highest mark for this competition is three.


Stand up, stand still.

Hands on your hips!

Hands on your knees!

Clap them behind you.

If you please!

Touch your shoulders!

Touch your nose!

Touch your ears!

Touch your toes!

Hands up! Hands down!

Hands on hips and sit down.



Stand up, stand still!

Make a chain.

Let's play sport!

Let's have fun!

We can jump!

We can run!

We like football!

We can swim!

Let's play team games!

Let us win!

2. Reading test (робота з текстом)

Т. Now I need one pupil from each team. Take the cards and listen to me attentively. You must read the text and statements. If youagree with them write "True", if not - "False". Is it clear? Get down to work.

Text. A Letter About Sports in England

37. High Street, London, S. E. 9 June 4th 2009

Dear Lena,

I greatly enjoyed your letter in which you told me about sports in your town. I'll try to tell you now about the games we play in England.

First of all, I must tell you that football is played in England in winter, and not in summer. Football is the most popu­lar game in England, because England is the home of football. Schools and towns have football teams, and of course the English team is well known in the world.

We do not play ice hockey much in j England, because the winter is not very cold. But we play field hockey. There are men's teams and women's, and many schools have teams too.

Other games which we play in England are tennis, basket-ball and volleyball. We have gymnastics every week in our school gymnasium. We run and jump and play basketball, volleyball and oth­er games.In summer we have gymnastics in the playground.Well, I end my letter for today. I wish you all the best and hope to receive another letter from you soon.

Your friend, Mary Smith.

True or False

1. This letter is about sports in Ukraine.

2. Football is played in England in winter.

3. England is the home of football. ;

4. English team is not well known in the world.

5. The winter is very cold in England.

6 English people play field hockey.

7. Mary has gymnastics every week in her school gymnasium.

8. In summer they do not have gym­nastics.

9. Mary lives in London in Low Street.

10. This letter is from England.

3. "Missing letters" (вставити пропущену літеру)

T. The following task is to write the missing letters. I need two players. Go to the board, take the piece of chalk and get down to work.



1. run*ing

1. h*ckey

2. *oxing

2. ju *ping

3. **hle*ics

3. *k*t*ng

4. **nnis

4. wr*stl*ng

5. v*lley-b*ll

5. ba *ket-b*11

4. Puzzle-words (побудувати слово)

T. The other two pupils have to make up the words using the letters. You'll have one point for each right word.



1. ingsk

1. nasgymtics

2. m і і g r u

2. a і t r n e r

3. n g f e c n

3. s s e c h

4. ollbaft

4. c k c r і e t

5. у p 1 e ra

5. manorspts












5. "Step by step" (рухлива лексична гра)

T. While they are working let's do the next task. I need two pupils once more. Come here. Stand still. You must name sports-words and move your steps. One step — one word. Be very attentive. Don't say one word: twice If you say the wrong word you must move one step back. Do you understand me? Then start! The winner will get 3 points.

PI. swimming, boxing...

P2. running, skating...

6. Checking (перевірка завдань № 3 і 4)

Т. Let's look at the board. Read and translate your words. Now we can sum up the results. You've got... points . («Читання — тест» перевіряють судді.)

7. Mime Game

(Учні з допомогою жестів намага­ються показати різні види спорту.)

T. The name of this task is "Mime Game". I think everybody knows the rules of this game. 1 need two players. Come here and take the cards. Look them through. Think and try to show the kinds of sports. Your team must guess the word. The highest mark is 6.

8. "Sport Survey" (п редставлення проектів «Спортивний огляд»)

Т. We've got one more interesting task. I can see you've prepared wonderful posters. The tables on them are the resuits of your interviews. Who can introduce them?

Example .

PI Olena,Sashko,Natasha like sport. Tetyana doesn't like it.

P2. Basket-ball is a favourite kind of sport for Natasha and Olena. Sashko likes football.

P3. Sashko's favourite sport star is Andriy Shevchenko.

Т. What about another team? ThankI you for information.

9. Question — answer (полілог)

Утвори питання, використовуючи подані слова, запиши їх. Постав пи­тання одному із членів іншої коман­ди. Починає картка № 1.

Т. "Question — answer" is the next task. Listen to me attentively! You must make up the questions using the following words, write them down and ask the members of the other team. Do it one by one. The card № 1 will start. You have 5 minutes. The highest mark is 6.

№ 1

1) you, Do, in for, go, sport?

2) you, Can, swim?

3) to see, you, competitions, like, do, boxing, on TV?

in your school, When, have, did you, basketball match, last?

better, What, played, team?

like, Did, the game, you?


kind, do, What, of sport, you, in for, go?

play, you, Can, chess?

3) to skate, you, Do, like?

4) took part, What, in the game, teams?

5) won, game, Who, the?

6) in boxing, favourite, Who is, sports­man, your?

10. Project (захист проектних робіт)

T. And now the last task is the task for the leaders. They must go to the board and present their project works. As far as I know they want to tell us about Ukrainian and Foreign sports stars. They also can introduce us the best sportsmen of our school.

(Під час вивчення теми «Спорт» уч­ні готували проектні роботи про ви­датних українських та зарубіжних спортсменів. Також до проектів включені розповіді про найкращих спортсменів школи.)

III. Заключна частина уроку

Т. While referees count your points, let's sing and dance. Stand up, please.

(Журі підраховує кількість балів і визначає переможців. Учні співають і танцюють.

Т. Children, come to the board. Dear referees, are you ready with the re­sults?

(Журі оголошує результати, вітає (переможців і вручає нагороди.)

Т. I congratulate the winners. You won the GOLD medals. As they say, FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE.

The other team won SILVER medals. Don't forget: IT IS ABOVE ALL TO TAKE PART IN, NOT TO WIN. Dear referees, thank you for your help.

Thank you, pupils, for your participa­tion in our competitions. The winners have got the highest mark - 12. Each pupil of the other team has got – 9.

Our lesson is over.

Good luck!


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