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Итоговый тест для студентов, обучающихся по специальности Гостиничное дело в части профессионального модуля МДК.02.02 «Иностранный язык в сфере профессиональной коммуникации для службы питания». Используется в качестве одного из элементов контроля знаний.

Final Test

1. Fruit and vegetables are good for us because they are low in fat and _______.


a. obesity

b. energy

c. calories

d. pork

2. What parts of the human body can lead to food contamination?

a. uncovered hair

b. hands

c. feet

d. face

3. The high levels of calcium in milk, cheese and yoghurt is vital for strong ________. 

a. personality

b. vision

c. legs

d. bones

4. What do you have to wear on your waist in the kitchen?

a. sleeve

b. toque

c. apron

d. torchon


5. Soup can be prepared in…

a. saucepan

b. sauteuse

c. frying pan

d. kettle

6. Vegetables and ingredients are shredded with…

a. grater

b. peeler

c. spatula

d. ladle

7. Which is NOT necessarily related to cooking?

a. scales

b. fryer

c. oven

d. cooker

8. Carbohydrates like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta give us _________. 

a. salt

b. will

c. energy

d. strong

9. Barbecuing is ……

a. to cook food in hot oil or fat

b. to cook meat, fish or other food outside on a metal grill over an open fire or on a special appliance

c. to cook in an oven by dry heat without direct contact with a flame

10. What kitchen garment is not worn on the head?

a. toque

b. triangle

c. bandana

d. slippers

11. A specific time after which food is no longer safe to eat is…

a. spoilage

b. preservation

c. expiration date

d. waste

12. Which one of these statements is true?

a. Never smile when you are serving.

b. Never reach in front of a guest to serve.

c. Never carry more than one plate at the same time.

13. Which of the following in NOT a kitchen gear?

a. peeler

b. mincer

c. mixer

d. blender

14. Steaming is ……..

a. to cook food in a liquid like water until it forms bubbles.

b. to cook food with the hot wet substance produced when you heat water.

c. to cook something in water, milk or another liquid that is boiling gently.

15. You should carry plates, glasses and cutlery...

a. without touching the parts where customers drink or eat.

b. in the safest way to avoid dropping them.

c. as you feel most comfortable.

16. Perishable goods must be kept in the ________ . 

a. storeroom

b. cold storage room

c. pantry

d. freezer

17. Uncooked vegetables in the kitchen are ________ . 

a. leftovers

b. products

c. raw materials

d. ingredients

18. Complete this list of a server's duties with the missing verbs:

check   fold   lay   order   place   put   set   position

1 Put an undercover on the table.

2 _______ the tablecloth on the undercover.

3 _______the tablecloth is clean and tidy and ironed.

4 _______ the napkins and place them on the service plates.

5 ________ the knives to the right and the forks to the left, with space for a plate in between.

6 ________ the cutlery from the outside to the inside according to when it will be used.

7 _________ the water glass to the right of the cover and the wine glass to the right of that.

8 _________ salt and pepper mills, flowers and candles at the center of the table.

Ответы на тест

Answer key: 1-c; 2-b; 3-d; 4-c; 5-a; 6-a; 7-a; 8-c; 9-b; 10-d; 11-c; 12-b; 13-a; 14-b; 15-a; 16-b; 17-c;

18: 1-Put; 2-Lay; 3-Check; 4-Fold; 5-Set; 6-Order; 7-Position; 8-Place

Критерии оценки тестового задания:

«5» выставляется студенту за 95-100 % правильных ответов. Орфографические и грамматические ошибки отсутствуют.

«4» выставляется студенту за 75-94 % правильных ответов. Есть некоторые орфографические и грамматические ошибки.

«3» выставляется студенту за 50-74 % правильных ответов. Много орфографических и грамматических ошибок.

«2» выставляется студенту - менее 50 % правильных ответов.



Flash on English for cooking, catering and reception, Catrin E. Morris, ESP Series


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