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Долгобородова Наталья Ибрагимовна1023
Россия, Карелия респ., Костомукша
Материал размещён в группе «Неделя иностранного языка»

Занятие внеурочной деятельности «Добро пожаловать в Карелию!»

Занятие внеурочной деятельности по английскому языку


Travel Agency “Around the World”

           Пояснительная записка

Тема занятия: “Welcome to Karelia!” (Добро пожаловать в Карелию!)


Форма занятия – обобщающая игра-путешествие в формате квеста.


Цель занятия – развитие коммуникативных умений обучающихся на примере тем «Моя страна» и «Путешествия».


Формировать УУД:


1. Регулятивные:


-) умение принимать и сохранять цели и задачи учебной деятельности, находить средства ее осуществления;


2. Познавательные:


-) развитие исследовательский учебных действий, включая навыки работы с информацией: поиск и выделение нужной информации, обобщение и фиксация информации;


-) произвольное и осознанное построение речевого высказывания на иностранном языке;


3. Коммуникативные:


-) умение организовывать и планировать учебное сотрудничество с учителем и сверстниками, определять цели и функции участников;


-) умение адекватно использовать речевые средства (иностранного языка) для решения коммуникативных задач (рассказ о достопримечательностях, о своём крае, о предпочтениях в области путешествий);


4. Личностные:


-) формирование ценностных ориентиров (чувство патриотизма);


-) развитие учебно-познавательного интереса.


Планируемый результат:


-) Предметные:


Знать: лексический материал по теме «Путешествия», «Мой край», некоторые речевые клише для рассказа о туристическом маршруте;


Уметь: работать с различными источниками информации, рассказывать о предпочтениях в сфере путешествий с опорой на изученный лексико-грамматический материал и с опорой на образец.


-) Метапредметные:


умение планировать и осуществлять работу в группах;


-) Личностные:


развитие познавательного интереса к учебному предмету.


Формы работы: групповая, фронтальная, индивидуальная


Оборудование: компьютер с мультимедийной приставкой, раздаточный и демонстрационный дидактический материал:


- интерактивный плакат Welcome to Karelia!”;


- фильм о городе;


- фильм о школе.


Ход занятия:

Welcome to Karelia! (script)

- Good afternoon, boys and girls! I am glad to see you at our last meeting of travel agency workers this year. We have organized a lot of trips and excursions to the English-speaking countries – to Great Britain, America and Australia. We discussed their holidays, traditions, cities and sights. But today I would like us to complete our tour to Karelia!

So, welcome to Karelia!

- Today I’ll ask you to go through some quest and create a leaflet with the information about the tour to Karelia. Do you know what travel leaflet is? […] I’ve prepared some tasks to help you. So, let’s start! And I have the first hint for you!

You know some facts about geography of Karelia. But do you remember neighbours of our republic? Choose the close neighbors of the Republic of Karelia: Sweden, Finland, Norway, England, Leningrad Region, Murmansk Region, Kostroma Region, Vologda Region, Astrakhan Region, Arkhangelsk region. If you don’t know the right answer, QR code can help you!

- Yes, you are right! And you can fill in the gaps in our leaflets. Write the information about our neighbours. So, let’s go further. Here is the map of Karelia. And we’ll start our tour in the Ladoga Lake. Guess what place it is.

1. It’s an island in Lake Ladoga where you can see an ancient monastery (of 10th – 11th century).

- Right it’s Valaam! And let’s listen to Liza, she will tell us about this fantastic place.

- Let’s go on. You get the new task. Do you know Karelian rivers, lakes and towns? Let’s check!


- Good guys you are! You can fill in the gaps in the leaflet. Now I can give you another hint where we’ll go next.

2. It is a canyon which is left after the marble quarry. Now the quarry is drawn with water, but the place is very beautiful. You saw this place in the picture in your quiz.

- Yes, it’s Marble Canyon in Ruskeala. And we’ll listen to Roma!

- Our tour is going on. And if you answer what is typical of Karelian climate, I’’ give you the next hint.

True/ False:

a) hot summer with temperature over 35 degree;

b) unstable weather which changes very often;

c) severe frosts (below 30 degrees) in winter;

d) spring comes in March;

e) snow covers the ground for about 6-7 months;

f) the coldest month is November;

g) the warmest month is July;

h) it’s not very hot in summer.

- Great! You can add some information about Karelian climate into your leaflets. And here is a new hint for you.

3. It’s a very beautiful place in Petrozavodsk. You can see a lot of monuments and statues from brother-cities there.

- Yes, it’s the Embankment of the Onego Lake. And we’ll listen to Daniil with his story.

- Ok, some more tasks for you. Name all the means of transport tourists can use while travelling along Karelia (not less than 5). – word-search –


train, bus, coach, bicycle, raft, car, motorbike, snowmobile.

- Yes, it was a difficult task, but you are good guys, and you can add the information about transport into your leaflets. And I have a new hint for you.

4. It’s an open-air museum of wooden architecture, which is situated on the group of islands in Lake Onego.

- Sure, it’s Kizhi. And Snezhana will tell us about this wonderful island.

- As you can see, we have gaps in the leaflets. Let’s work! Name winter and summer activities for tourists in Karelia (picture dictation) - https://learningapps.org/display?v=p3x6tdwk317

I hope, you liked the task. And now you have some information for the next gap filling. And I have a new hint for you.

5. It’s a high and beautiful waterfall on the Suna River in 60 kilometers from Petrozavodsk.

- Right, it’s Kivach. And our travel agent Denis will tell us about it.

6. These are the pictures of primitive men. Ancient people draw them hundreds of years ago. What is the name of these pictures? Where can you see these pictures in Karelia?

- They are petroglyphs on the shores of the White Sea. Alexey will tell us about them!

7. It’s a nature reserve not far from Finland (we live next to this place).

These are not petroglyphs, but the pictures make a good hint if you use your head. – Lyuba.
Welcome to Karelia!
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- Nature Reserve is not the only great place in Kostomuksha. We have a lot to see and to do. Our travel agents  have done a short film about Kostomuksha in English. Let’s watch it!

- Our tour around Karelia is over, now you have some time to complete your leaflets with the places, where you would take foreign tourists to. And I want to tell you, that all the information about Karelian sights is collected on the Internet site - http://linoit.com/users/Dolgoborodova/canvases/Welcome%20to%20Karelia%21

You can see and add the information or photos if you like.

- Now let’s exchange your leaflets in groups and give advice to each other.

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