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Конкурс письменных работ на английском языке как способ повышения интереса школьников к изучению предмета

Конкурс письменных работ на английском языке как способ повышения интереса школьников к изучению предмета

Конкурс эссе и личного письма на английском языке уже стал традиционным в нашем районе. Он включает в себя два этапа - школьный, в котором могут принять участие все обучающиеся с 8 по 11 класс, и муниципальный, в котором участвуют победители школьного этапа.

Целью проведения конкурса является повышение интереса у учащихся к изучению иностранных языков, поддержка активных, творчески мыслящих и креативных учащихся, а также расширение и систематизация лексических и грамматических знаний учащихся и совершенствование навыков написания личного письма и эссе.

Все работы школьников должны соответствовать следующим требованиям:

- правильность стилевого оформления высказывания;

- выбор лексики, соответствующей стилю письма;

- выбор средств логической связи (союзы, вводные слова и фразы), их правильное использование между частями предложения и частями текста;

- логичность изложения материала;

- структурирование текста, деление на абзацы в соответствии с планом, указанном в задании;

- соблюдение норм орфографии иностранного языка;

- правильное пунктуационное оформление предложений.

Кроме того, работа обязательно должна быть авторской, не содержащей элементов плагиата, а её объём должен соответствовать требованиям, предъявляемым к написанию личного письма и эссе.

Ниже представлены некоторые работы учащихся нашей школы, представленные на данный конкурс.

Anastasia Genter, form 11

Free Time: Having Rest or Volunteering?

Аn English proverb says: «All work and no play make Jack a dull boy». It means that everybody needs some rest after working days. Leisure time is the time you spend on your own and do not think about your everyday duties. How to spend it: just resting or volunteering?

In my opinion, volunteering is an opportunity to express our individuality and fulfill our potential. Besides, it makes a person feel worthy, because he makes someone else's life better and as a result makes a change in our community. Moreover, volunteering shows that the person is generous, good-hearted and kind enough to give his helping hand to the needy people.

Nevertheless, some people believe that the best way to spend our free time is just resting and getting pleasure from watching TV, chattering over the telephone or, perhaps, playing computer games. As for volunteering, it can be hard, emotional work and sometimes you feel like a hassle. More than that, there are special services to give help to those who need it.

However, I disagree with this opinion. Of course we need some time just for resting, but thanks to right time management or learning to be flexible in our work practices we can find enough time for volunteering, too. Concerning the social services we must admit that they are not able to take care of every disabled, elderly or just lonely person. And we, their neighbours, can do it.

In conclusion, though there are two different points of view on this problem, personally I believe that it is volunteering that will make both us and our world better.

Anna Emelianova, form 9

Free Time: Having Rest or Volunteering?

Nowadays all people are very busy. Nevertheless, we have some free time, too. What is the best way to spend it? Someone says that it is better to devote it to ourselves while others argue that we can do something useful for people around us. I want to express my personal opinion.

One cannot deny that there are a lot of people whose life is not easy. A lot of lonely, disabled, elderly people need our help. We can not only do some housework for them, but just have a talk, make them feel not lonely. Personally I help not only my grandmother but her neighbour, too. It does not take me much time to clean the flat, do the washing up or go shopping. But it makes them happier.

Nevertheless, some people and even my classmates believe that their free time is only for rest or pleasure. They spend it with their TV and computer or discussing stupid and unimportant things over the telephone. Moreover, they are sure that every person has relatives who must give him necessary help.

However, I disagree with them. Firstly, they are not involved in active life and while wasting time with gadgets they do not feel better or rested. Secondly, some needy people do not have relatives at all or maybe they live too far to help them. More than that, we must not forget that perhaps some day we will need helping hands too.

To sum up, despite other people opinion I consider volunteering to be a perfect way to spend free time, get life experience and change the world and ourselves to the best.

Dombrovsky Sergey, form 11

Distance learning is the best form of education.

The question of choice between traditional and distance learning is widely discussed today both in Europe and in Russia. Which of them will make it possible to solve all the problems of today's educational reality and give the opportunity to get better education?

In my opinion, traditional learning is more effective. Firstly, the advantage of traditional teaching is that a lot of information can be conveyed in a short time period. Learners absorb knowledge in a ready-made form. They can also assimilate and reproduce knowledge without any difficulties and later apply it to similar situations. Secondly, the traditional lesson has its own structure: an introduction, a homework check, an explanation of a new material and a conclusion. Each lesson is similar, the children know what to prepare for it, and the teacher does not have to think about the structure of the lesson all over again.

Some people argue that distance learning is easier because those who study at home can get education without leaving their home, and they have more free time than ordinary students. More than that, they can learn the material at their own pace, have freedom in the choice of courses, and they do not depend on time or their geographical location.

I cannot agree with this opinion because in spite of all advantages, the absence of real contact between teacher and student, the lack of laboratory and practical exercises, and the shortage of regular control of completed tasks can reduce the level of knowledge.

To sum up, I would like to note that traditional learning remains the best and the most effective form of education.

Tabakaev Vladimir, form 11

Distance learning is the best form of education.

Nowadays some people think that online studying is the best way to get an education. Others do not agree with them. It is difficult to decide which position to take.

In my opinion, it is better to learn distantly than to go to traditional school. Firstly, distant education gives us an opportunity to gain knowledge wherever we want. It is a great way-out for people who want to get education in a foreign country but do not want to leave their home or just cannot do it. Secondly, you save a lot of money. You do not spend money on transport, accommodation and food.

Nevertheless, some people think that online education is not the best and people who study at home live a sedentary lifestyle. It causes obesity and other health problems and a bad mood. They do not take distant education seriously and are sure that its quality is really low, because when we are at home, we are relaxed and not much concentrated.

However, I disagree with this opinion. To my mind, a man who is focused on getting a good education and wants to be successful in his future life will find a way to care about his body and his health. Moreover, there are a lot of extremely qualified teachers on the Internet who are impossible to be found in small towns or villages.

To conclude, even though there are different points of view on the issue of methods of learning, I firmly believe that distance education is certainly the most convenient and beneficial for people.

Galina Mikrukova, form 9

Free Time: Having Rest or Volunteering?

I am sure that thanks to the technological progress people today have more free

time than before and they can spend it in different ways. Two of them are having

rest and volunteering. Which of them to choose? I would like to express my point

of view on this problem.

In my opinion, volunteering is much better. It is a wonderful opportunity not

only to be helpful for somebody but to communicate with different people, learn

more about them and their life experience. Very often I visit an elderly woman that

lives not far from me. It is useful for both of us: I help her about the house and get

a lot of interesting information about our village and people who lived and worked


Nevertheless, there are people who think that volunteering is a waste of their free

time. Moreover, they believe that nobody needs their help at all because there are

special organizations whose duty is to help and all the information can be found in

the Internet.

However, I disagree with this opinion because the number of needy people is

great and the number of social services is limited. And no doubt, the Internet can

give us information but it cannot give us advice, feelings and emotions.

In conclusion, one can say that it is up to you to decide how to spend your time,

but if we have a will, we can always find some time both for rest and volunteering.

(246 words)

Ponkin Alexander, 11th grade

City or Village?”- that is the question.

It is common knowledge that the problem of choosing the best place for living has always aroused heated discussions. Some people are sure that there is no better place than the village, while the others argue that life in the city has much more advantages. I would like to express my point of view on this question.

In my opinion, life in the city is easier and more convenient than in the country- people live in apartments with cold and hot water, central heating and gas, have developed transport system. Besides, living in the city means having more accesses to various people involved in multiple attractive cultures, there is also a great number of theatres, cinemas, museums and galleries, so you have more opportunities for your cultural development. Moreover, the city provides the best possibilities both in studies and career.

However, lots of people argue that only in the village you can enjoy fresh air, friendly neighbours and comfortable life provided by the closeness to nature. What is more, only village dwellers are able to hold a more positive attitude to life.

Maybe, they are right but one cannot deny that today all modern cities have a lot of parks and green zones. More than that, there are lots of sport facilities for keeping fit and healthy. As for the people’s character, it does not depend on the place of living.

From all these arguments one could conclude that life both in the city and in the village has its own pros and cons. So, it is up to everybody to decide what place he would choose to realize his talents, abilities and dreams.

(275 слов)

Anastasia Kozlova. 11th grade

City or Village”- that is the question”

The problem of choosing between the city and the village is always widely discussed. Some people are sure that a city is the best place to live there, while the others argue that there is no place like a village. Now I would like to express my point of view on this problem.

In my opinion, a village is a great place for living there. Firstly, you can enjoy unique and picturesque nature, fresh air and clean water. Secondly, the countryside is rich in fertile land which makes it possible to grow all kinds of vegetables and grains. So, your life is not so expensive than in the city. Moreover, people are very friendly and there is less crime.

However, some people are for the city because it gives you more possibilities to find a well-paid job, while in the village a job search is a great problem in itself. More than that, they believe that life is never dull in the city and you always have what to do since there are more entertainment. Finally, city life is easier.

On the one hand, they are right. But I live in the countryside and I am proud of the village and the people who work hard in agriculture and feed the whole population. Doubtless, the country cannot exist without them.

In conclusion, I can say that both the city and the village have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is only up to you to decide which of them will be chosen for your future life. The main thing is to be helpful for the country.

(267 слов)

Kyrgyzakova Victoria, 9th grade

City or Village?”- that is the question.

People have always discussed whether the country or the city is an ideal place to live in. Some people prefer living in the city and are sure that it is the best place, village dwellers do not agree with them. I would like to express my own opinion on this problem.

I consider life in the city to be less difficult and more interesting than in the country. That is why every year more and more young people leave the countryside for a better life in the city. First and foremost they want to get good education and a chance to be employed. More than that, there are a lot of sights, theatres and cinemas to enjoy, museums, art galleries and libraries to expand your outlook, stadiums, sport centres, swimming pools to keep fit.

However, some people think that it is much better to live in the country. To begin with, they consider living in the countryside to be cheaper and safer than a city life. Secondly, countryside is quiet, peaceful and healthy, while in the city the environment is polluted, people live under constant stress and it causes serious deceases.

Nevertheless, I am not absolutely agree with that. Experts believe that people easily adapt to various inconveniences of city life. Moreover, life in the countryside is rather hard, too. Working and living conditions are difficult, social and cultural life is not so full as in the city.

To draw the conclusion, one can say that the city and the village have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the place for living only according to your own taste and will.

(Количество слов- 272)

Abyshev Sergey, form 8




Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your letter. I was so happy to get it! Glad to hear that your grandma decided to learn French. For me, it’s cool.

You asked me how I learn English. Well, I find most difficult to remember all the words. As for studying English outside the classroom, I don’t do it, we have enough lessons at school. Of course, to know English properly we must read, speak and practice grammar more. But I have no time for that. So, my best way to learn English is to communicate with you.

And you? What foreign language do you learn? Have you any difficulties? And what do you do to avoid them?

I’ve got to go now! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


Arsentiev Stepan



March 9th, 2021

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for your letter, it was great to hear from you again!

I agree that it’s never late to learn and I’m very glad that your granny enjoys her course. You asked me about difficulties in learning English. Well, I think it’s grammar and rules of reading. Outside the classroom I try to read more, learn new words and practice grammar using the Internet. As for the best way to learn a foreign language, it’s not to be lazy and work hard.

I know you enjoy learning languages, aren’t you? What languages do you learn? What helps you to make progress in it?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


Проведение подобных конкурсов стимулирует учащихся к изучению английского языка, повышает мотивацию к изучению предмета. Расширяются и систематизируются лексические и грамматические знания учащихся, совершенствуются навыки написания личного письма и эссе, что не может не сказаться положительно при сдаче экзаменов.

Опубликовано в группе «Учителя английского языка»

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