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​​​​​​​TOPICS “Meal. Shopping”

I. Find the mistakes in the text:        

Mr. and Mrs. Smith leave near a small village in the southwest of england. Every morning they drive into the town to sell the things they need. There is only two banks in the town. One is a combination of a grocer's and a salt shop. The other are a general school.

The general school sell meat, fruit, vegetables, groceries, bread, cakes, etc. It is a very old shop and nothing is all over the place. There are bottles of sardines on top of cornflakes, and salad in the same boxes as the onions, but all the fruit are fresh.

Yesterday Mrs. Smith want to buy a lot of thing. She choosing everything carefully because they are having a party to night.

II. Find the mistakes in the dialogue:

- Can I helps you, madam?

- Yes, please. I would like have anything from this shopping list.

- Oh, your shopping list is very big. We are stocking only three items you ask for: butter, milks and cheese.

- Two packets of butter, a pound of cheese and three bottles of milk, please.

- Here it are, madam. Pay by cheque at the cash desk.

- Excuse me, do you happen to know where I could find some ham, minced meat and beef sausages?

- They are all sold at the baker's.

- And I wonder if you stock any sweets here?

- I'm afraid we don't. You need try the shop next door for the sweets.

- By the way I want a large cabbage, please, and a pound of carrots.

- Yes, madam. Everything else?

- Some fruit, please, six of this oranges and two pounds of these apples.

- Any grape, madam?

    - No, nothing else, thank you.

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