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Маренко Тамара Валерьевна89
Россия, Ставропольский край, Лермонтов

Мастер-класс учителя английского языка Маренко Т.В.

в рамках краевого фестиваля инновационных педагогических практик

г. Ставрополь, 2019 год.

-Good afternoon, everyone, honorable Jury and my dear focus group. A nice day, isn`t it?

My today`s master class is called “ Magic in the air”.

Do you know what magic is???

Imagine that we are in a kindergarden and I am your kindergarden teacher. (slide 2)

So, guys today we are going to celebrate a very special holiday. Would you like to know what it is? Look at the screen!(slide 3-4)

What are we going to celebrate? Christmas!!!

Christmas is coming!Are you ready?(Christmas hats)

Guys, do you know the names of very important Christmas men in Russia and England?

Father Frost and Santa Claus!(slide 5)

What do they give children? Do you like presents?

So, Father Frost and Santa Claus brought us beautiful presents?

Would you like to see them?

This is a magic bag from Father Frost!Let`s see what in there?(достают игрушки и украшают ёлку)

-Wonderful! Applauding!

And this is a magic stocking from Santa!(украшают ёлку игрушками Санты

Our Christmas tree is fantastic!

Guys, what is missing on the top?

We have a surprise box! Let`s look in there!

Wow, it is a star! It`s so beautiful! Let`s put the star on its place!(вешают звезду на ёлку)

Well, guys, I think that our Chrismas tree is not ready yet.

We need the lights!

1,2,3 shine the tree! All together- 1,2,3shine the tree!

Wonderful! Now our Christmas tree is ready!

Well, guys, Father Frost and Santa Claus gave us so many presents. So, it`s our turn. Let`s dance for them!(slide 6)

(to the audience- Everybody dance)



And I have one more idea. Let`s sing a Christmas song together!

(Song “Merry Christmas”)(slide 7)

Well, I am sure that Father Frost and Santa Claus liked your presents!

So, I also want to give you some presents! You did a great job! It was really nice to work with you!(Candy canes).

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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