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Урок-введение нового материала «Деньги» в 10 классе

1.      Warm up. (3 min)

Hello, everyone. Today I am going to teach you English.  I’ve got a surprise for you. Do you like being surprised? There are some things in my box.( some jars). What about looking into my box and name all these items. They are sea shells, feathers, grains, salt, rice, tobacco, cocoa ˈkəʊkəʊ beans. The things are different but they all have common meaning. They used to be money in the past. Yes, you are right. Today we are having  a talk about money. Does money talk? Questions:

  1. What is good about money?
  2. What is bad about it?

Money talks; (an idiom)  it gives you power and influence over other people. It can solve any problems.

2.      Актуализация имеющихся знаний. (3 min) и введение нового лексического материала.

I want to form 2 groups. I have 2 different pictures but they are in pieces. Would you mind collecting the puzzles? Will you stand up and move around the classroom? You may exchange your places. Now we have two groups. One group is Juno? And the other is Temple. These photos are in the screen. Can you guess what these photos mean?

The 1 st is the photo of Juno. Will you read some information about it?

Juno Moneta is the Roman Goddess, whose name means "Advisor" or "Warner". She is said to give good advice to the people in general. "Moneta" is derived from the Latin word for "warn". Warn is to tell someone that smth. bad will happen.

The second photo is the photo of the Temple of Juno. Now it is the church of S. Maria Aracoeli and the Vittoriano now stands.

She had a large and famous temple in Rome. Later a mint was established in the Temple of Juno on the Capitoline Hill, thus giving us the word 'moneta', money.

Now I’m going to ask each of the group by turns the questions scoring one point for a correct answer. The rule is do not shout the answers.

Quiz (Mind-mapping) (8 min)

1.      What are the other words of money?(Currency, cash, coins, Slang words: Dosh, Dough, notes, Moolah)

  1. What is the currency of Great Britain? British Pound Sterling

(‘quid’ is also used in the UK colloquially)

  1. What is the currency of India? The Rupee
  2. What is the currency of Japan? The Yen
  3. What is the currency of China? The Yuan
  4. What is the currency of Europe? The Euro
  5. What is the word for the money you receive in your job, usually once a month?

Salary/wages/tips  A salary is a fixed sum paid for a specific period of time worked, such as weekly or monthly. Wages  an hourly pay rate - A tip is a small amount of money received by some service sector professionals from persons they serve, -

  1. Name four verbs for things you can do with money. Earn, pay, spend,  lose , waste,  save ,invest,

Lend-give someone money

Borrow –use smth that belongs to someone and promise to give it back

Invest – put money into company with the aim to make a profit

  1. Complete the mind-map.                
  2. 3.Idioms about money . (3min)

Money is very important thing in our life. There are a lot of different idioms and proverbs about money. Choose either an idiom or its explanation, move around the class, come up to the board and match them. Now be ready to declare the idioms. Let’s check if you are right or not. We have made new pairs. You are going to work with the new partner and take new places. If you know the Russian equivalent, say it.

1.      Money doesn’t grow on trees.  -  Money is always hard to get.  Как потопаешь, так и полопаешь.

2.      Money is the root of all evil. - Money can often make people do bad things.

Деньги- корень зла.

3.      That will cost me an arm and a leg. – Something is too expensive, it costs too much. Влететь в копеечку.

4.      Pester Power. – The ability of children to make their parents buy things for them by continuing to ask them until they agree to do it.

5.      Money makes the world go round. – Money helps us to live and things to happen. Деньги правят миром.

6.      Money for jam. -  Money that you earn very easily.  Легкие деньги.

Now I’ll show some pictures. Be ready to match pictures with the idioms.


4.      Активизация полученных знаний. (4 min) These are 2 envelopes.

We can do different things with money. Even we can win money. Have you ever won in the lottery? This is the story about one lady. The parts of the story are in disorder. You need to complete the poem with the missing words and put the parts of the poem in the right order. These photos help you to present the story.

Complete the poem and put the parts of the poem in the right order

1.      Brenda Bones was poor and thin

         Until her famous lottery win.

         She won a million!

         She p_ _ _ her bills!

 2.      She bought a big house in the hills.

          And after a year of complete rest
          then she decided to in__ __ __ __
          in a super-size hot air balloon
          and flew from Cairo to Cameroon


3.       Forgetting the money she gave or l__ ___ t ,

          till every penny of her million was s _ _ __ _

          Then one sad day the balloon crashed
          And Brenda Bones ran out of c___ ___ ___ .


4.      She borrowed some c__ __ ns and took a train.
         and walked until she was home again.


5.      She had no money, she had no car
        so she got a job in a little bar
        and told long stories about her trips
        and all the customers gave her t__ __ __.


6.       It took her years to finally learn it

         but money's better when you e__ __ __ it!

          Such an educative |ˈedjukətɪv| story!

          What does it teach us?

  Only when you work to earn money you can appreciate the value of money.


5.     Рефлексия. Money is a paradox. If you have none, you want some. If you have some, you want more. If you have lots, you may forget about the things in life that cost nothing.

Choose any line which is closer to your opinion. Complete the sentences.

With money you can buy a house, but not a ...(home).

With money you can buy a clock, but not...( time).

With money you can buy a book, but not...( knowledge.)

With money you can buy a doctor, but not good...( health).

With money you can buy a position, but not... (respect.)

Would you mind opening a bank account for the lesson and make a deposit each?

Express your own opinion about the lesson


      Today I have known….

      It was interesting to …

      It was difficult to…

      I was surprised that…

      I was good at…

      Now I can…

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