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Look at the pictures and try to guess what we are going to talk about.

We are going to speak about…

Why do people travel? Express your suggestions. Write down WHY in the middle in your copybook and give some examples.

(to discover new places, to know customs and traditions, to visit new places, to learn a language, to know the history and its culture, to meet people, to make friends, to see sights)

These words can help us in our work. Try to translate these words

an agency - ? an excursion - ? a holidaymaker - ? an agent- ? a tour -?

Match the word or word expressions with the translation

1Accommodation 1поездка

2A guided coach tour 2 курорт

3On one’s own 3 жилье

4A destination 4 экскурсионная поездка на автобусе

5A resort 5 самостоятельно

6A trip 6 место назначения

7to afford 7 за границей

8abroad 8 позволить

Try to translate the word combinations

Любимое место назначения, путешествовать самостоятельно, позволить себе отдых за границей, тур агенты предлагают экскурсионные поездки на автобусе, британцы предпочитают отдых на море.

6 Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer


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