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Date: _____

Form: 9

Theme: Hobby


Type of the lesson: combined lesson


Form of the lesson: generalization and practicum

Total time: 40 min

Methods and forms of work: individual (to make up monologue), group (work in groups, discussing, brain-storming, work with video)  and frontal (solving problem situations).

Equipment of the lesson: computer, projector, English book for 9 grade by Ayapova T., Uakpayev D., Abildayeva Z., “Build your vocabulary” by John Flower; Intermediate Communication games by Jill Hadfield, cards, visual aids, handouts, Power Point Presentation.

Type of the lesson: systematization learned material according the theme “Hobby”

Aims of the lesson:


·        to enable students to use present participle and constructions;

·        to develop pupil’s speaking skills on the theme “Hobby”.


·        to develop pupils’ abilities in speaking, writing, reading skills;

·        to express their own opinions;

·        to improve their pronunciation, memory, to enrich students’ outlook.

Up bringing: 

·        to motivate the students in learning the foreign language;

·        to create an English speaking atmosphere and work in groups.

Forms of work: individual, group, work in pairs

Equipment: desk, cards, computer, projector, presentation Power Point, schemes, etc.

Procedure of the lesson

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