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ТемаThe USA

Форма проведения : КВН

Классы: 9а, 9б

Цели: 1. Способствовать углублению страноведческих знаний о стране изучаемого языка.

2. Развивать языковую догадку, умение работать в группе, творческие способности.

3. Прививать интерес к стране изучаемого языка.

Оборудование: карточки с заданиями, наглядный материал, ноутбук, проектор

Ход мероприятия

Good afternoon, boys and girls!Today we have a competition of two teams. The topic of our competition is «The USА».Today we’ll have a talk about the USA, about its capital and its places of interest, about its famous people and holidays.

I тур

Конкурс «Introduction».The teams will introduce themselves and it will be our first competition.

II тур

Конкурс « Quiz». Look at the screen and answer the questions.

1.How many states does the USA comprise at present?( 50)

2.Where is Washington , the federal capital , located?( the District of Columbia)

3.What do American people call the national flag?( Stars and Stripes)

4. Who made the first American flag?( Betsy Ross)

5. How many stars and stripes does the American national flag have?(50 stars, 13 stripes)

6. What are two leading national parties in the USA?( the Democratic Party and the Republican Party)

7. What is the highest mountain in the USA?( Mount McKinley)

8.What is the longest river in the USA?( the Mississippi)

9. When did Christopher Columbus discover America?( in 1492)

10.When was the Declaration of  Independence adopted?( 1776)

11. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?( Thomas Jefferson)

12. When was the Constitution of the USA adopted?( 1787)

13. What is the oldest university in the USA? ( Harvard University)

14. Where does American President live and work? ( the White House)

15. Where is the Statue of Liberty located?( in New York Harbor)

16. Who created the Statue of Liberty?( Frederic Bartholdi)

17. Where is Hollywood, the centre of the US film industry , located?( Los Angeles)

18. What’ s the symbol of  US financial power?( Wall Street)

III тур

Конкурс « Find the words».Find the words connected with our topic. 



Конкурс« New York». Now you’ll listen to a song by Sting. Your task is to find out how many times  you‘llhear the word “ New York”. ( 8 times)

Did you guess the name of the song?  ( Englishman in New York)


Конкурс“ Who is the last?”Remember as many words as you can on the topic «The USA». Who names the last word is the winner. ( States, rivers, holidays, cities, presidents)

VI тур

VII.Конкурс «Cinema fans»

Guess the names of American films. (“ Lord of the rings”, “Ice Age”, “From dusk till down”, “Home alone”, The ring”, “ The men in black”, The mission impossible”, “ Back to future”)

( « Властелин колец», « Ледниковый период», « От заката до рассвета», « Один дома», « Звонок», « Люди в черном», « Миссия невыполнима», « Назад в будущее»)

VII тур

Конкурс «Holidays».Look at the slides and guess the names of American holidays.

A fur tree-  (New Year’s Day )              A turkey – (Thanksgiving Day)

A heart-  (St.Valentine’s Day )             A pumpkin- (Halloween) 

A shamrock- (St.Patrick’s Day)           Santa Claus- (Christmas)

An egg- (Easter)                                   Columbus- (Columbus Day)

The Statue of Liberty- (Independence Day)

The monument to American presidents- (Presidents’Day)

VIII тур

Конкурс“ Drama”. One team will present New Year’s Day ( песня « I wish you a Merry Christmas»). The second team will present St.Valentine’s Day

( пара танцует медленный танец под песню Селин Дион « My heart will go on», затем делают признания)

- Let me call you sweetheart       -Here is a special valentine

I’m I in love with you                   With lots of love for you

Let me hear with you                  And since you’re very special

That you love me too.               Here are hugs and kisses , too.

IX тур

Конкурс“ Definition”

The Missourri ( a river), Boston ( a city), Independence Day ( a holiday), Charlie Chaplin ( an actor), Los Angeles ( a city), Tomas Jefferson ( a president), A.Bell ( an inventor), Ontario ( a lake), the Hudson ( a river), Colorado ( a state), Elvis Presley ( a singer), Jack London ( a writer), Broadway ( a street), the Bronx ( a borough of  New York)

Подведение итогов.Thank you for your work. Now it’s time to finish our сompetition. It is interesting to know who is the winner today. I want jury to count your points.

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