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Материал размещён в группе « Наши интересные уроки»

МБОУ Урывская СОШ

Открытый урок

по английскому языку

на тему


Провела урок:

учитель английского языка




Цели: -развивать коммуникативные навыки учащихся;

-учить детей делать презентации творческих проектов;

-проводить интерактивный опрос;

-обрабатывать полученные данные;

-воспитывать здоровые привычки;

-показать учащимся важность здорового образа жизни.

-активировать изученную лексику по теме “Здоровье”;

-развивать у учащихся умение творчески использовать усвоенный материал в новых ситуациях общения.

Оборудование: схемы, презентации, компьютер, видеопроектор.


I. Организационный момент

T: Good morning, pupils!

I’m very glad to see you.

How are you?
P1: I’m fine, thanks.

And how are you?
T: I’m fine too. Thank you. (2-3
T: Today we’ll speak on the topic “Health is the ‘best wealth. We’ll discuss how sports, balanced diet help us to be fit, healthy and strong. We shall speak about sports in our school. You will know something interesting and new for you. I hope that our co-operation will be important and useful for you and for me. You see that your health is in your own hands. Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: The ‘first ‘wealth is health. ‘Health is the ‘best wealth. These words will be a redline of today’s lesson.

II. Фонетическая зарядка

[ing] – Smoking, eating, drinking, exercising, taking drugs, getting up early;
[h] – wholemealbread, a good habit, a bad habit, alcohol, health, healthy;
[r] – drinking, drugs, taking drugs, bread;
[i:] – eating, sweets, too much sweets, sleeping to much or too little.

III. Речевая зарядка

That s right


That s wrong


T: Smoking is a bad habit.
P1: That is right. Smoking is a bad habit.
T: Eating too much sweet is good for your health.
P2: That is wrong. Eating too much sweet is bad for your health.
T: Drinking too much alcohol is a healthy habit.
P3: That is wrong. Drinking too much alcohol is not a healthy habit.
T: Eating low-fat food is a bad habit.
P4: That is wrong. Eating low-fat food is a good habit.
T: Exercising is good for health.
P5: That is right. Exercising is good for health.

IV. «Интервью»

T: I think you will agree with me if a person wants to be healthy he should have healthy habits. I suppose it will be interesting to ask our guests about their health habits. Take question lists and interview teachers, after that Katja and Sasha combine the facts and make a report. (Учащиеся опрашивают учителей)




1. Is it easy or difficult for you to get up early?



2. Do you skip breakfast?



3. Is your lifestyle regular or chaotic?



4. Do you do morning exercising?



According to a survey the pupils of our form do not take care about their health. The majorities of us skip breakfast. As far as I know skipping breakfast is bad for young people; is it easy for one pupil to get up early; Majority of us has chaotic lifestyle; but there is a good thing. All pupils of our form do morning exercising in the school.

Teacher: And now it’s time to see what our results are.

According to a survey the teachers take care/ do not take care about their health.
_____ people skip breakfast; _______ people do/ do not do morning exercising; is it easy/ difficult for________people to get up early; Majority of you have chaotic/ regular lifestyle. There is no doubt you take care/ do not take care about your health. You can/can not be an example for your pupils.

V. Физминутка

Teacher: I see you are tired. Let’s relax. Clap your hands when you hear words about good or bad habits.

No waiting, no parking,
Don’t smile, stop laughing.
Turn it on, turn it off,
Open your mouth, try to cough.
No smoking, no drinking,
No running, stop thinking.
Work all day, play all night,
Do what I say – that’s right.
Turn left, turn right,
Always love, never fight.
Come early, don’t be late,
Try to be good, don’t hate.

VI. Презентации

T: You see that it is very difficult to follow healthy lifestyle. But do not forget “Health is the ‘best wealth”. And what can help you to be healthy? Of course,it is the school. Volens nolens only at school you do morning exercising, go in for sport three times a week, and have a balanced diet. Let s listen to Sasha.

P: As for me, I want to tell you about sports in our school. We pay great attention to sports in the school. We have PE three times a week and we enjoy our lessons very much. The lessons are held in a small gym and in the sports ground. At the lessons we run, jump and play sport games. We are crazy about volleyball and basketball. Khakholov Sergei and Shalimov Victor are crazy about wrestling. Each student in the school knows Litvintseva Vica and Sukhanova Sveta. The girls are excellent runners. In my opinion every person should go in for sports because it helps people to be strong and healthy.

Our school canteen

I d like to tell you about our school canteen. In order to stay healthy it is important to have a balanced diet. The balanced diet is food that contains something from each of the three main groups of food. These groups are protein, fat and carbohydrates. You find protein in lots of food, f.x. meat , fish, nuts, cheese and milk.It helps your body grow and be healthy and it gives you energy. Fat gives you energy too, but don t eat a lot – it is bad for you. Carbohydrates gave you more than 70% of your energy. Bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables contain lots of carbohydrates. A school cook Olga Anatolevna takes care about our balanced diet. Many children of our school have dinner in our canteen. We like such dishes as borsch, salads, pancakes and tea with vitamins.

VII. Подведение итогов

T: Our lesson is over and it is time to see what results are. And now let I hope we have convinced each other to follow a healthy way of life. Thank you for your work.

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